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center stage performing on a disney stage turns dance team into hometown heroes magine performing on a Disney stage in front of an international audience. Disney Performing Arts OnStage gives performance groups the chance to do just that. One dance troupe from West Virginia took their once–in–a–lifetime performance opportunity in the most magical place in the world to the next level — raising thousands for the trip, earning a proclamation from county commissioners and uniting their entire community to help make their Disney dreams a reality. Though they had previously performed in other major venues, including at NBA games, the Midland Trail High School Dance Team was overwhelmed with joy when they were accepted to perform at the Walt Disney World® Resort. In fact, the commissioners from their hometown county of Fayette were so impressed that the troupe had been chosen, they awarded them with an honorary proclamation of achievement. I The 13-member, all-female team quickly turned their attention to preparing for their trip to Florida. In addition to spending long hours practicing their routine, the troupe put a heavy focus on fundraising. They hosted bake sales and other charity events and, thanks to the support of local businesses and the enthusiasm of people throughout their community, they also were able to take in thousands of dollars purely through donations. Rhonda Chuyka, the leader of the team, was overcome with emotion as she spoke about the contributions made by the citizens of their small town, saying “The fundraising was a whirlwind. Our community made this happen for us … They were so willing to give.” Through these generous donations, the team was able to bring along family members to watch them perform at the high-profile Waterside Stage at the Downtown Disney® Marketplace. The troupe even enhanced their experience by participating in a Disney Performing Arts Workshop led by Disney entertainment professionals. This hands-on workshop provided the students with a feel for what it’s like to be a professional performance artist, while also reinforcing important concepts and helping finetune techniques. The experience was truly one of a kind for this group, and while the Midland Trail Dance Team made memories sure to last a lifetime, for Rhonda Chuyka what she’ll always be most proud of was the way her community came together to share in the passion of these 13 young ladies. “The response from the community has been awesome,” says Chuyka. “It was just so amazing that they got behind these girls and supported them.” Is your group interested in performing at the Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort? Disney Performing Arts is now accepting applications from school and community vocal, dance and instrumental groups. Details on how to apply, along with helpful tips for trip leaders, can be found at disneyperformingarts.com/magazine or by calling 866-924-6145. 10 | N extra credit http://www.disneyperformingarts.com/magazine

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Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012