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it’s showtime! take a peek behind the scenes with disney cruise line® dancers very night is show time at Walt Disney Theatre, an elegant, 1,340-seat entertainment palace aboard the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line® fleet, Disney Fantasy. The Walt Disney Theatre is equipped with theatrical technology that makes it one of the most advanced venues on land or sea, bringing original Disney productions to life in a whole new way. And for Disney Fantasy dancers Marcus Jackson, Stacey Parker and Kathleen Hobbs, it’s this high-profile venue that is their home away from home as they perform in award-winning musical productions at sea. E two-stepping their way onto the big stage. The hardest part, according to Kathleen, is perfecting those moves while out on the ocean. “It was really a big adjustment for me in the beginning because I wasn’t used to dancing on something that was also moving,” she says. “But now I feel like once you get off the ship your balance is going to be impeccable because you’ve learned to deal with something that’s moving already!” Dancers aboard the ship need to be well versed in a wide variety of dance styles. Disney Fantasy features nightly performances as well as themed deck parties, each with their own style of footwork involved. From adding a contemporary twist on classic Disney songs in “Disney Wishes” to dancing in the aisles as a magic carpet soars overhead in “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular,” the ship’s signature shows push these dancers’ talents to the limit. But the hard work began long before they made it onboard — the cast spent several months at a rehearsal facility in Toronto learning the intricacies of every dance move before “We’re like a family,” Stacey says. “It’s great. You get to meet a lot of new people and go to different ports ... I would probably not have had the opportunity to see if it weren’t for Disney.” “In ‘Aladdin’ it’s more of being a character than it is about dancing the whole time,” explains Marcus. “We’re acting more, interacting with the scenery and the singers. In ‘Wishes’ it’s more of a contemporary feel, more of a modern approach to choreography. And then you have ‘Believe’ which is more of a showy dance — it has a bit of everything.” 22 | N extra credit

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Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012
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Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012