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benefits of student travel build skills, inspire learning and bring lessons to life oday’s ever-changing world requires students to not only be skilled in core subjects, but also be prepared for the increasingly complex experiences they’ll encounter after graduation. A well-rounded education must encompass a broad spectrum of experiences, insights and challenges. This includes an understanding of other people, the ability to work in a team structure, and critical thinking and decision-making skills. One way students have the opportunity to learn and practice these important skills is through educational travel programs offered by their schools. Travel can expand a student’s learning opportunities in many ways, including: T Educational travel brings learning to life. Lessons are so much deeper than the words appearing in textbooks. A skilled teacher can inspire students. But trips allow students to explore firsthand the lessons they’re learning in the classroom in a more hands-on environment. “Travel is a vital component of the educational experience for Americans of all ages.” -U.S. Congress Travel experience can be the spark that motivates students. While nothing can replace instruction in mathematics and language arts, travel can provide students with educational opportunities that bring classroom lessons into focus and ignite a greater passion for learning overall. Students often work harder and improve their academic performance after a travel experience. Educational travel is quickly becoming part of a complete curriculum for students as schools prepare them to compete and succeed in a dynamic world. Travel completes the learning experience for students involved in the performing arts. Music, dance and theatre students can work hard all year in their classrooms, but they don’t benefit from the complete learning experience without travel. Going to band, orchestra and chorus competitions and clinics with other schools’ music departments gives students the opportunity to learn how to perform. These trips also help them build pride in their performances and give them an incentive to work harder. Learn more about educational travel opportunities to the Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resorts, including Disney Performing Arts Workshops (featured on page 7) and Disney Youth Education Series programs (page 25), by visiting disneyyouth.com/magazine or calling 866-924-6145. 26 | N extra credit http://www.disneyyouth.com/magazine

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Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012
Events Corner
Career Spotlight
Center Stage
Disney Parks News
Disney Performing Arts Alumni
Competitive Performances
Start Spreading The News
The King Of All Surprises
It's Showtime
Real-World Education
Benefits Of Student Travel
Travel Planner Honors
Music With A Cause
Mickey's Mind Teasers

Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012