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mickey’s mind teasers goofy brain bogglers to challenge your disney knowledge! Lost in Disney Translation Recognize these classic Disney songs? It seems the words have been changed. Can you crack the code? It is the ring of existence, and it propels everyone. During anguish, as well as expectation. During belief, in addition to affection.” A An entire utensil of sweetener assists in swallowing of the remedy. In the manner that is ultimately pleasing.” B I do not have ties to restrain me. To create a giggle or to craft a sad face. I do not have ties on me.” C These close-up photos were taken somewhere at the Disneyland® or Walt Disney World® Resort. Can you figure out where? Ready for a Close-up Scan the QR code to the left to find the answers in our Facebook Photo Album Disney Extra Credit Activity Answers or visit us at Facebook.com/DisneyPerformingArts to find the album and check out the answers. 1 2 3 4 38 | N extra credit http://www.facebook.com/disneyperformingarts

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012

Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012
Events Corner
Career Spotlight
Center Stage
Disney Parks News
Disney Performing Arts Alumni
Competitive Performances
Start Spreading The News
The King Of All Surprises
It's Showtime
Real-World Education
Benefits Of Student Travel
Travel Planner Honors
Music With A Cause
Mickey's Mind Teasers

Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012