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Take advantage of the BIG dISCOUnTS on desks, Seating, Files, Storage Cabinets...and much more. Check out the SaVInGS on top quality office furnishings. YEAR END CLEARANCE! Premiera® Pl Series * High quality, high density laminates * Core removable locks standard * Top quality, steel, ball-bearing drawer slides * Bookmatched vertical laminate * Grommets and leveling glides included * NEW wide flared drawer pulls * All workstations are 29 1/2"h * PRM-PL177L Bow Front desk with Corner extension available in Mahogany, Cherry, Honey, or Mocha finish. * PRM-PL193 Bridge * PRM-PL143 Credenza Shell Reg. $1,926.00 * PRM-PL189 Bow Front desk * PRM-PL144OH Open Hutch * PRM-PL44SGD Silver Glass doors * PRM-PL170 Bridge 95 * PRM-PL118 Tackboard * PRM-PL166 Box/Box/File Pedestal * PRM-PL143 Credenza 95 * PRM-PL107 Hanging Pedestal Without optional keyboard, ReG. $2,371.00 ® task light, or seating * PRM-PL144OH Open Hutch Without optional keyboard, task light, or seating * PRM-PL118 Tackboard $1,109 Center drawer PRM-CdR1 (21 1/4"w x 15 1/2"d) Reg. $99.00 articulating Keyboard Tray PRM-eZ0021 Reg. $299.00 Ball-bearing suspension, built-in pencil tray, and low profile design. Attaches to any work surface. Articulating Keyboard Tray with Adj. Mouse Surface and Padded Wrist Rest. $5995 $17995 One adjustable Shelf Bookcase PRM-Pl154 32"w x 14"d x 30"h Reg. $209.00 $10995 Three adjustable Shelf Bookcase PRM-Pl155 32"w x 14"d x 471/4"h Reg. $269.00 $13995 Five adjustable Shelf Bookcase PRM-Pl156 32"w x 14"d x 71"h Reg. $385.00 $199 95 Available in Mahogany, Cherry, Honey, and Mocha finish. ® $1,369 ® deluxe Keyboard Tray PRM-eZ0036 Reg. $135.00 $8295 With reversible mouse surface and wrist rest. Incredible Savings! Complete Setting as Shown (includes PRM-7701S Chair) Reg. $4,190.00 $2,37995 Includes: PRM-SP6672-72"w x 66"h Panel/ (2) PRM-SP4-TBaSeS/(2) PRM-SPCaP66 end Caps $39995 Reg. $703.00 These 2 1/2" thick panels have an extruded aluminum frame. The panel is constructed of an internal wood frame covered with hardboard, foam, and fabric. The Premiera® PL Sale endS 12/31/15 laminate components can be used in conjunction with these panels to create functional, private workstations. Available Pewter fabric / Charcoal frame. ®

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Quarterly Flyer - October 2015