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ANNUAL CHAPTER MEETING GNITEEM RETPAHC LAUNNA Helen Youngblood, PHR helen@helenyoungblood.com 310-821-5064 “A LAW FIRM ADMINISTRATOR’S PLAYBOOK ON LEGAL MARKETING” GLA ALA’s Chapter Luncheon and Annual Meeting took place at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles on February 12, 2013. The program, “A Law Firm Administrator’s Playbook on Legal Marketing,” featured an informative and lively panel discussion focusing on relevant and pressing issues concerning law firms today. Jonathan Fitzgarrald, Immediate Past President of Legal Marketing Association’s Los Angeles Chapter and the Chief Marketing Officer of Greenberg Glusker, moderated the panel discussion of three noted legal marketing professionals: Cheryl Bame, President, Bame Public Relations; Vickie Spang, Chief Marketing Officer, Sheppard Mullin; and Tiffany Truffo, Director of Marketing & Attorney Recruiting, Haight, Brown & Bonesteel, LLP. The panel discussed a wide variety of topics such as business development/revenue generation, attorney marketing plans, social media, networking, and access to resources. Jonathan spoke briefly about the Administrator’s broad span of responsibility and emphasized that if “one is to lead it is necessary to understand the overview of the firm.” The panelists then offered different perspectives as each weighed in on a variety of relevant and important topics: the differences between marketing, sales, advertising, and PR, and to “draw out from the attorneys what they really mean” in their discussions with them on these subjects. The semantics can be confusing and clarification is recommended. Measuring overall progress and results of advertising and PR can MEASURING RESULTS OF PR/ADVERTISING be difficult because, “The process is not linear. PR cannot guarantee results -- for example, a ‘client walking in the door’ or a ’who called regarding our ad‘).” PR strategy involves a long term process of “building a reputation,” and marketing is a process of developing relationships through business interactions conducted repeatedly over time before a prospective client is realized. Because the results are not directly measurable should not be interpreted as a sign that the PR/ marketing strategy has not been successful. Progress is not easily re- flected by any specific event as milestones are achieved over a period of time, and no “magic bullet” exists to generate results. Marketing and its many facets is a broad subject WHAT DOES MARKETING INCLUDE? much misunderstood as to what it includes. It is an important role of the marketing department to educate the attorneys as to 24 Greater Los Angeles Leadership Exchange

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Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013
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Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013