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BOARD UPDATE Terri J. Oppelt, CLM GLA President-Elect toppelt@stroock.com NEW 2013-2014 BOARD The 2013/2014 Board roster was confirmed with three additions - Monica Celis will join the Community Connection Group, David Bustle has agreed to co-chair the IT Section with David Neesen and Patsy Hinojosa will be the Inland Empire’s section chair. See the new Board of Directors listing with pictures, in this magazine. BOARD ACTIVITIES AND COMMITTEE UPDATES The Board has discussed how they could make the chapter meetings ‘more accessible (virtual)’ to those who are geographically challenged and unable to attend all the meetings. The Education Committee Chair has taken on the responsibility to dive into this subject and give the Board options and ideas on what perhaps the chapter can implement in 2013 to be able to reach out to our diverse and broad-based membership. A team has been formed to discuss and research and will report back to the board at future meetings. The April 9th Leadership lunch will include a speaker, Lawrence Kohn, along with the induction of the new 2013 - 2014 Board and a huge thank-you to the outgoing 2012- 2013 Board members. After the speaker portion, this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award recipient will be named. The June 11 chapter lunch will feature a Green Initiative kick-off topic of interest to our members and their firms featuring Carolyn Smallwood’s presentation on How to Create, Manage and Maintain a Paperless Office. The May 21 Managing Partner Lunch will feature Tony Natsis, Partner with Allen Matkins who will be speaking on a common-sense approach to business development. The Education team is currently working on the Leadership Reception on July 8 for visiting ALA Past President Steve Wingert, CLM, in conjunction with the July 9 Past President’s chapter lunch. They are also working on identifying a venue for the December holiday party on the westside. The CLM study sessions are well underway and were kicked off with the three-night HR study group led by Terri Oppelt. Debbie Dahlen has several study sessions a month planned for anyone interested in taking the CLM exam, or interested in learning more about the different aspects of legal management. Membership hosted the New Member Orientation meetings in March held in Downtown and Century City, which were well attended and included many Board speakers. The meeting also included Past President Michael Palmer speaking to the importance of what ALA and the GLA ALA chapter can bring to maximizing your membership. The Members In Transition section is working on new learning April / May 2013 and meeting/greeting opportunities for the 2013 year which will include resume writing and a meeting featuring an image consultant. The BP team is working on the August 13th BP appreciation lunch as well as assisting the Web Team on reviewing and fixing the BP section on the website. They are also vetting ideas and getting input on the Fall BP/Member Mixer. They will be holding a BP Team meeting to plan out the 2013 – 2014 initiatives. The Community Connection committee indicated that the Food From The Bar campaign, which GLA ALA supports, will be beginning April 29th and run through May 25th. They also reported that the LA Youth At Work program will be conducting interviews on May 18th at a Downtown location and need volunteer help. You don’t have to commit to a hire, but can help to identify great candidates. The Finance Section had a successful meeting in January and will be exploring the topic of Proper Trust Accounting at the April 18th section meeting. The HR section reports that they will have attorney Beth Schroeder speak at their May 14 meeting on the topic of Exempt, Non Exempt and Independent Contractor issues, to be held at a Century City location. 2013 JUSTICE JOG The Justice Jog team will be holding their first committee meeting on April 24 and have announced that the 2013 Justice Jog will be held in Century City on September 15. Justice Jog’s charitable partner this year will be CASA – Los Angeles. GLA ALA WEBSITE UPDATE The website team working with the outside designers on the new GLA ALA website reports that the work is moving forward and phase one of the design is moving along. They are sending out current website content and information to section leaders and Board chairs, to review and update the content for the new site. GLA ALA MEMBER’S BRAZIL TRIP The board approved the use of the GLA ALA logo and using the GLA ALA 40th Anniversary pins as well as congratulated three GLA ALA members - Luci Hamilton, Jean Jewell and Emily Schaub, who are going to Brazil for a speaking engagement at the Central Bank of Brazil’s 3rd Annual National Conference in Brasília. They will be the keynote presenters to Brazil’s attorneys and legal management staff about GLA ALA and our 40 years of supporting legal managers and how Brazil’s legal community can move to the next step of supporting professional legal managers to lead their firms. We hope to see pictures and hear more of the trip in the coming months. MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY The annual GLA ALA membership directory is in process of being proofed and printed. Look for it in your mailbox in May 2013. 39

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Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013
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Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013