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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Lydia A. Tavera ltavera@bgrfirm.com 424-202-5573 WHAT DOES As I thought about the upcoming chapter year and my role as president of the chapter, I realized that this was a unique opportunity for me to share what I am passionate about and hope to inspire others. The environment and ‘Going Green’ is definitely a passion of mine, but as I talked to so many of my colleagues, friends and family, I realized how many different things this one phrase means. So what does it really mean to ‘Go Green’? I started with the basics, the definition, and came across this definition: “Going green is to live life as an individual as and is sustainable for the earth.” Individual as well as community. That well as a community in a way that is friendly to the natural environment says a lot. It takes just one person and yet it takes us all. I am sure everyone would like to Go Green but where do we start and what does it really mean for us personally, and for our firms. This year the Chapter’s theme is “Going Green in 2013.” In addition to our outstanding educational and networking events, we will be presenting quarterly programs focusing on Going Green in our homes, our firms, and our lives. If we learn just one thing from these sessions GOING GREEN REALLY MEAN? that we can do in our daily lives, then we can make a difference. If we each can do one thing - imagine what we are accomplishing as a community. One act, no matter how small can make a difference. As clergyman Sydney Smith once said, “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little, do what you can.” I am very excited about the upcoming year and I am incredibly humbled by this opportunity to serve the chapter and its members. I look forward to working with our accomplished board of directors, our extremely talented and diverse membership and our amazingly supportive Business Partners. The GLA ALA has been a tremendous source of education and support for me and my career and it is my honor to give back some small portion of what the organization has given me all these years. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me. Lydia A. Tavera GLA ALA President (2013-2014) EDITOR’S MESSAGE Mary A. McDonnell mmcdonnell@entertainmentpartners.com 818-955-6228 In 2012-13 we celebrated our 40th anniversary as a chapter of to also find and read the Member Green Ideas displayed throughout the Chapter will be focusing on a “Going Green” initiative and it’s we embrace this year of “Going Green”, our GLA members may need the Association of Legal Administrators and in various issues of the Leadership Exchange; we went down memory lane noting the progress and change in legal management for the last 40 years. In 2013-2014, perfect to start the year with this electronic issue of the Leadership Exchange. Much like 40 years of legal management, the concept of “Going Green” has really evolved and if your law firm or life hasn’t taken the steps to act in a more “green” way, it may be the year to find out how with the GLA ALA. In this issue, we have a few reprinted, but timely, articles on how your law firm or lawyers may want to consider being more “green” and the benefits of such efforts. Be sure to check out Accept the Challenge to Become a Green Lawyer on page 18 and Green Ideas on page 46. You also may want to review the list of “going green” article links on page 7 to help your legal organization get started or to reaffirm what steps you have already taken. Be sure 6 the issue… they are easy to spot by the green recycle symbol. Some of our GLA ALA board of directors’ share what their organizations have done to support recycling, going paperless and other green ideas. As to rethink on how they receive their education and news from the chapter. I implore our members to remain open minded and look forward as we launch a new website in 2013 and consider moving to more electronic issues of the Leadership Exchange. Thank you for allowing me to be your editor this year. Thank you to the contributors, editors and magazine team of the Leadership Exchange. Mary A. McDonnell Magazine Editor Greater Los Angeles Leadership Exchange

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Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013
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Does Your Law Firm's Technology Meet Ethical Requirements?
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2013 Compensation and Benefits Survey
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"Green" Ideas

Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013