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line with current law firm trends, attorney offices would be reduced in traumatic part of the process,” Jim admitted, “was the stacking plan.” His solution was to have the practice leaders recommend which groups and it was up to them to make office assignments within their group’s shaped so that the non-corner offices would be equally appealing. For example: • the appearance and functionality of the offices of a top-tier law firm. (AREA Design Inc.) they were better able to reuse nearly all torneys. Cost savings were achieved in numerous ways without diminishing office cluster. To diminish potential complications stemming from cor- size by an average of 13% (for example, partner offices from 220-225 sf down to 190-194 sf and associate offices from 150-130 sf). “The most should be together. The department heads were then given floor maps, The move planning process was not without its challenges. To be in also have a few exterior window Teaming Rooms (4-6 seats) meant for ad hoc meetings. Paralegals tend to take over the Q: A: Was there anything that the architects wanted and you how did that turn out? sometimes short on space for team meetings. they obviously prefer having the windows, and this leaves us The motorized airwalls dividing the multi-purpose room. windowed Teaming Rooms to use as war rooms, because didn’t, but they persuaded you to change your mind, and well-utilized feature. For example, we have a large trial team having to relocate their materials. Is there anything you would have done differently? I would have further shrunk the library. ner office envy, the corner offices were purposely made smaller or oddBy using the same architects that designed their old offices They are expensive, and I didn’t think we would use them enough to justify it. It’s turned out to be a very popular and working in there today, and they can break out into separate groups and then join together whenever needed, without of the existing furniture; from prior experience the designers were already familiar with the Firm’s culture, work and style preferences, and even the specifics about individual atConference rooms were designed to accommodate the exist- Q: A: • ing tables and chairs, and the high-quality lobby furniture was reupholstered rather than buying new; attorney and tables. paralegal office furniture was reused from the former office. One oversized stone table was cut in half and refinished to another part of town, was a tough decision and a major challenge with change management among staff and attorneys alike. Jim Burns had worthwhile. the Firm has an attractive, flexible, and functional space for the next 15 jvpurins@reedsmith.com. The next Multi-Office Section meeting will be on February 19. If to contend with several vocal and persistent nay-sayers, but now that Making such a big move, not only to another building but also to • • create two smaller tables, which cost less than buying new main reception area were added. Except for secretarial bays, stalled in the new space. so that the open, loft-like treatment looks just as impressive as a costly hard-lid ceiling. 17’ ceilings provided built-in impact for the reception area, all office furniture was moved from the old office and re-inArtwork was reused; only a couple of pieces in the enlarged years, the positive feedback and sense of pride have made it all seem you have any questions or suggestions, please contact John Purins at mercial-grade Italian espresso machines installed in the client lounge area and in an employee interactive break area. He cautioned the group about making sure that all appliances have been certified by the LADBS erwise the Firm would have had to cover this unexpected expense. Q: A: occupancy approval was withheld until an approved testing laboratory While touring the space, Jim pointed out the two impressive com- Tis the Season to Make a Difference: Entertainment Partners supplies enough PB&J for 20,000 sandwiches for the Burbank Temporary Aid Center. Entertainment Partners (EP) has an annual food drive for the Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC). This year EP divided the company into teams, the Peanut Butter Team and the Jelly Team. Through creative, friendly competition the two teams raised 3,839 jars of peanut butter and jelly enough to make over 20,000 sandwiches. While the PB Team won the drive, it was ultimately BTAC that really won the day. The Jelly team plans to really jam next year! Mary A. McDonnell Vice President, Legal (Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety); their certificate of was able to negotiate with the manufacturer to pay for the testing; othIN THE GROUP’S Q&A, JIM OFFERED CANDID AND HELPFUL FEEDBACK. Did anything turn out to be used differently than planned? had inspected and certified these non-certified espresso machines. Jim with flexible shelving and workstations which are meant for contract attorneys, document review, trial prep, etc. We We created several project rooms in the interior of the floor, December 2012 / January 2013 49

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