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Go Team! By Diane Camacho & Suzanne Lawler Our Chapter is fortunate to have a dedicated group of people who took the time necessary to create an exceptional web site. For those of us who have had this responsibility for personal or professional reasons, we know the time and effort it takes to launch an interesting, informative and user friendly web site. We would like take a few minutes to highlight our web designers and share some of their experiences during this project. The team consisted of both those with no experience and those with a passion for designing web sites. Jennifer Connon overcame her fear of new technology by jumping right in and taking on the role of project manager. She wanted to learn more about how websites are created and create one the Chapter has more control over. Jennifer is now one of the webmasters responsible for updating the front page as well as adding calendar items and more. For Steve Morris, web design is a hobby. At her Installation Lunch, Susan Bonner promised that one of her goals would be to update the website and, voilà, instant committee member. Eleven months later, from conception to launch, these folks made it happen. The challenges ranged from comparing the proposals, weighing the benefits versus the expenses, and entering data to explaining the chapter vision to the vendor. One struggle was creating and reviewing the RFPs. "I learned that one needs to be very specific at the RFP process. It helps to prevent surprises that may come up later with regards to the design of some parts of the website. I learned the website design was going to be very flexible and easier for the chapter committee and board to use in the future. It was well worth all our efforts and it will be a great tool for the Chapter to communicate information to the members." The benefits of being part of a team always manage to outweigh the challenges. In addition to learning about the process, we learn things about ourselves. Every project puts more bricks into our foundations as professionals. When we share what we learn, more people benefit. Personal lessons for this team include, "I could really help to bring goals to reality!" and "I learned to be very patient with the committee and mostly the vendor. I learned how to communicate more effectively so that I could get an answer more quickly. I also was not afraid to try something new when it came to making changes to the website design. That is how you learn!" Lessons were learned about project management and specifically an IT project, "I love working with a group of smart talented people and the "committee" really does make a better product." "Get a great group, keep on task, do a thorough RFP because you won't always get everything in there but the tighter it is the better your product, make sure you know what you want, it will always go over the time limit so build even more time into your timeline, although we were in the ballpark." "Ask a lot of questions and rely on your fellow committee members to help you. We had the pleasure of having Keith Foote on our committee and he was a wealth of information on the (Continued on page 13) 12 Golden Gate Chapter January 2011

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The Bridge - January 2011
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The Bridge - January 2011