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Hot Topics From the List Serve! HOT TOPICS FROM THE LIST SERVE Who to Choose as your Real Estate Broker? HOW TO JOIN THE LIST SERVE: As a member of the Golden Gate Chapter, we invite you to join our List Serve. To subscribe, go to and go to Although the Chapter does not endorse any particular the “Members Only” tab and select Listserve and click on “Click Here to Subscribe.”After entering an email address person, here is a list of referrals: and your name, you'll receive a confirmation that you have John Wittemyer, Timothy Kazul, Shap Roder, CBRE been added to the discussion group. There are a couple of things we would like to share in helping you learn to use this Kevin Brennan, Jones, Lange Lasalle tool effectively. John Cecconi, CAC Group Steve Barker, Studley 1. This is a service available only to our active Chapter members. How to Choose your Real Estate Broker? 2. To post a message, go to and go to the “Members Only” tab and select Listserve and click on  Good communication skills and the ability to keep “Here” and you will be directed to the discussion forum everyone “in the loop.” where you will logon and click the top right hand corner to  Understanding of the market and how it relates to create a message. client needs. 3. If you want to look at these e-mails only periodically  Consider a broker with non landlord relationship. and don't want them to pop-up constantly, create a folder in  The chemistry between broker and client. your e-mail system for the list serve and rule that forwards  Interview several brokers to get a good match! all e-mails from the list service to that folder. This will allow you to check these periodically when it is convenient for Business Development or Marketing you. Departments in Large Firms – are they separate 4. Do not discuss anything that states money or amounts that could be construed as anti-trust issues. Salaries, or combined? compensation, fees and such are not acceptable topics for Out of seven responses, all combined these two our list serve. 5. ALA cannot endorse vendors or service providers of any departments using either name as their title. sort. If you ask for information about these types of businesses the responses should be considered personal Accounting Systems – Revisited! referrals by the sender and not be construed as a Chapter What’s new in legal accounting systems? Omega and endorsement. ProLaw are highly rated and so far have not been 6. Try to word your requests so that people aren't inclined to send you a simple Yes or No answer unless that is the swallowed up by the big legal publishers like Juris and information you need. Elite (which are still highly regarded, but there are 7. To unsubscribe and go to the “Members Only” possible issues with service and integration). tab and select Listserve and follow the instructions on “How to Unsubscribe.” Client/Firm E-Mail Communications are they encrypted? Looks like there is no uniform method out there for emailing client documents – many simply attach the files, some scrub and pdf them and some have client portals to their Intranet. Editors note: Postings with a single subject, as well as single questions get the best response. Remember who you are “talking to ☺” When you click reply you are responding to the entire list serve. To hold a private conversation off line, forward your response – do not click reply. January 2011 17 Golden Gate Chapter

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The Bridge - January 2011
Table of Contents
President’s Message
It’s Time to Renew!
India—Trip of a Lifetime
Let’s End Annual Performance Reviews in Law Firms
Operations & Technology Section Meeting Notice
Go Team!
Hot Topics From the List Serve
Holiday Luncheon Photos
Human Resources Section Meeting Notice
2011 Webinars
2010 Business Partner Services
2010 Salary Survey Order Form
Member Anniversaries
Job Bank
Golden Gate Chapter Leadership
January—February 2011 Calendar

The Bridge - January 2011