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Timing: 3rd Wednesday of every month except December Four firms have volunteered to share hosting all of these webinars for 2011. Look for the schedule coming soon in the newsletter and on our new website for locations! January 19, 2011 Health Care Reform: What’s Happening? (HR) 60 minutes Speaker: Peter Wertsching Location: Munger Tolles & Olson LLP, 560 Mission Street, 27th Floor February 16, 2011 The Writing Wheel: (CM) 120 minutes Speaker: Beth Carson March 16, 2011 Conflict Resolution: Why Can’t Everybody Just Get Along? (CM) 120 minutes Speaker: Rachel Schaming April 20, 2011 Lockstep to Levels After the Dust Settled – Unlocked, Unloaded, Successful? (LI) 60 minutes Speakers: Laura Saklad and Terri Mottershead May 18, 2011 Leasing: The Fine Print Financial Implications (OM) 60 minutes Speaker: Mary Redmond June 15, 2011 Communicating Benefits to Reach and Engage Employees (CM) 120 minutes Speaker: Alison Davis July 20, 2011 Finance 101: Finance for the Non-Financial Administrator (FM) 60 minutes Speaker: Pete Peterson August 17, 2011 Profitability: Revenue Based Management (FM) 60 minutes Speaker: Dick Nigon September 21, 2011 Ethics in the Wired World (LI) 60 minutes Speaker: Michael Downey October 19, 2011 Your Firm’s Risk Insurance Needs: Professional Liability Coverage (LI) 60 minutes Speaker: Jennifer Ritman November 17, 2011 Safe Stress (CM) 60 minutes Speaker: Judy Hissong, CLM ALA Webinars 2011 21 Golden Gate Chapter January 2011

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The Bridge - January 2011
Table of Contents
President’s Message
It’s Time to Renew!
India—Trip of a Lifetime
Let’s End Annual Performance Reviews in Law Firms
Operations & Technology Section Meeting Notice
Go Team!
Hot Topics From the List Serve
Holiday Luncheon Photos
Human Resources Section Meeting Notice
2011 Webinars
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2010 Salary Survey Order Form
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Golden Gate Chapter Leadership
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The Bridge - January 2011