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JOB BANK INGRID HESTER THE GOLDEN GATE CHAPTER OF THE ALA MAINTAINS THE JOB BANK AS A SERVICE TO OUR MEMBERS. IT OPERATES IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER: For Applicants: 1) The Job Bank is available to all ALA members who are seeking administrative or management positions within the legal industry. 2) This is a free service to ALA members. 3) If you would like to be considered for positions posted in the Job Bank, please submit two copies of your resume for the positions you are applying to the Job Bank Chair. One copy of the resume should be complete and should indicate in the upper left-hand corner the categories in which you would like your resume included, i.e., Administrator, Office Manager, MIS Director, Human Resources, Marketing, Paralegal Administrator or Finance; the second copy should have your name and all other confidential information blanked out (which may also include the identity of your current employer). 4) All appropriate resumes, redacted and coded to protect your identity, will be directed to employers who post positions with us. The Job Bank does not make any decisions regarding suitability of candidates for particular positions. If an employer expresses interest in a particular candidate, that candidate will be notified and may decide whether or not to contact the employer. Candidates’ identities remain anonymous until this point. 5) Candidates who have submitted resumes and have subsequently become employed (whether or not through the Job Bank) are requested to let the Job Bank Chair know so the resume can be pulled from the active files. For Employers: 1) The Job Bank is a valuable recruiting tool and is available for use by law firms or corporations with in-house legal departments. 2) There is no cost for employers and recruiters to utilize the Job Bank. To receive resumes on file, contact the Job Bank Chair to discuss the position which is available. The Job Bank Chair will forward any resumes on file relating to the position. If a candidate(s) are of interest, the Chair will contact the candidate(s) with the details of the position. It is the candidate(s)’s election to contact the employer. 3) An employer or recruiter may place a short ad detailing the position, which will be posted on the Job Bank’s listing page of the Chapter’s website. Provide the particulars of the position as well as direct contact information. 4) ALA makes no recommendation on the suitability of candidates listed in the Job Bank. All inquiries or materials should be directed to Ingrid Hester at 415-954-4923. Job Bank Submission When submitting your resume to the Job Bank, please indicate the area(s) in which you would like to have it included. You may check as many areas as you feel are appropriate. Send this form with your resume to: Ingrid Hester Farrella, Braun & Martel LLP 415954-4923 Fax: 415-954-4480 Administrator Office Manager IT Director Human Resources Marketing Finance Paralegal Administrator You need not include additional copies of your resume if you have multiple areas of interest. 27 Golden Gate Chapter January 2011

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The Bridge - January 2011
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The Bridge - January 2011