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President’s Message It’s that time of year some think to use for reflection, plans, and resolutions. I am not so good on making resolutions each year but I do believe in the power of the written word. I was at a crossroads in 1995. In April of that year, before I began my legal career, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do. Then I started school at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga to get my Paralegal Certificate. Fifteen years later, while going through some long forgotten papers, I found my list. In our lives we make lists; grocery lists, to do lists for work and home, ALA lists, errands, they go on and on. Many of us have these lists memorized and hardly have to look at them. Are there long range lists you have for your firm that contain the roadmap to the next two to five years? Susan Bonner Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Susan Bonner can be reached at (415) 512-3046 or I spent some time thinking about things when I wrote that list of 25 things I wanted to accomplish. They were as varied as wanting to learn how to kayak, to living in the moment. When I found this list a few months ago I read it with great surprise. I started checking things off and found there were about three things I hadn’t completed, and a lifetime project I’m still working on. I felt pretty good about accomplishing what I had set out in writing, and more I hadn’t even dreamed of when I first wrote the list. What I know is, sometimes when we write things down that mean something to us, we can make them a reality. Now I realize it’s time to make a new list! There are still more things to do, and if I get them down on paper it will happen; this time I plan to put the list somewhere I can see it. How about a roadmap for yourself? It takes some time, and some thought about what to do with this life we’re given. Are there some things you have always wanted to do but they’re sitting in the background, sort of hovering there? Make a list of your goals; will it be a healthy body, taking walks, find a passion, travel, learn to write poetry, learn to sail? You’re one step closer to getting there when you write it down. Here’s to a New Year, 2011, the year we all make exciting things happen!! Funny Cat Video ??? Just what is “The Funny Cat Video” you ask? Years ago when You Tube was very new, perhaps not even born yet, video clips came in your email Inbox via a link to a video. Many of them went “viral” the old fashioned way by each of us sending something we thought was funny on to all our friends. One of these early videos was clips of cats doing crazy things that usually got a laugh out of everyone. When our original website went up in 2003 our “Funny Cat Video” was embedded in the website. Every now and then it was a stress reliever to be able to click on the video and laugh at the cats. The “Funny Cat Video” is still in our website, the New and Improved website! We really hope you explore the site, as well as renew your membership with the Golden Gate Chapter via the web. Cruising the website, while renewing her Golden Gate Chapter Membership, Diane Miller, found the video and won the $50 gift card! Tell us what you think about the new site and how we can make it better for you in 2011. 4 Golden Gate Chapter January 2011

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The Bridge - January 2011
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The Bridge - January 2011