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TEST YOURSELF! Last month we added a feature called TEST YOURSELF! So look for the boxes with questions and TEST YOURSELF! The answer box will be near the end of the newsletter. 1. Who can issue a Right-to-Sue Letter? a. PERB b. EEOC c. DFEH d. PERS 2. ________ interview is designed to create anxiety and put pressure on applicants to see how they respond. 3. Which effect occurs when a rater gives greater weight to information received first when appraising an individual’s performance? a. Primary b. Halo 4. Who is Peter and what is his Principle? 5. What Year was the ADA enacted? a. 1970 b. 1985 c. 1990 d. 1992 Answers are on Page 25. 12 Golden Gate Chapter August 2011

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Bridge - August 2011

The Bridge - August 2011
President’s Message
Business Partner Appreciation Reception
A Tribute to Gayley Moore
Leadership and Committee Column: Region 6 Conference Leaders
Food From the Bar Update
Test Yourself
New Opportunities for Chapter Service
How Not to Get a Seat at the Table
2011 Annual Conference Recap—Orlando
Why is the Annual Conference Important?
Annual Conference Update
Member Appreciation Get-Together
CLM Exam Was Not an Overnight Decision
Operations & Technology Section Meeting Announcement
Annual & Regional Conference Announcements
Hot Topics From the List Serve
Member Anniversaries
Salary & Benefit Survey Order Form
2011—2012 Business Partners
Job Bank
Golden Gate Chapter Leadership
August 2011 Calendar

The Bridge - August 2011