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Most of the 2012 Annual Conference Committee Getting into the Aloha Spirit Are you ready to ignite your future and renew your spirit? By Ceanne Herndon, ACC Committee Member (back row, middle) For the past six months twelve administrators from across the country have met in person and via teleconference along with ALA Staff to plan educational sessions for the 2012 annual conference. The sessions look maika'I (that’s Hawaiian for awesome)! Are you worried about the perception of it being held in Honolulu? The 2011 Orlando conference evaluation was just completed. 95% of those surveyed said they attended the conference because of the educational opportunities. 92% attended 6-11 sessions and 93% felt the sessions were applicable to their needs. Annual Conferences may be held in tourist destinations, but the statistics show that ALA attendees go for the education! And besides, Honolulu can’t help that it’s pretty! If you look at the comparison chart below, by taking advantage of the early bird registration and the reasonable hotel rates, the 2012 conference IS affordable! Besides, the committee is working hard to make it the best educational experience ever! Year 2012 2011 2010 2009 Location Honolulu Orlando Boston New Orleans Early Bird $595 $795 $730 $730 Registration $945 $945 $885 $870 Hotels $199-$309 $229-$289 $225-$265 $215-$245 Airfare from SF $538-$733 $388-$708 $382-$697 $450-$552 Orbitz Search -7/24/2011 Source: ALA HQ Data Center Register by August 31st: (also look for the checklist to obtain support, conference budget spreadsheet, etc. at Questions? Concerns? Please call or email me 707-545-7010 or Mahalo! 18 Golden Gate Chapter August 2011

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The Bridge - August 2011
President’s Message
Business Partner Appreciation Reception
A Tribute to Gayley Moore
Leadership and Committee Column: Region 6 Conference Leaders
Food From the Bar Update
Test Yourself
New Opportunities for Chapter Service
How Not to Get a Seat at the Table
2011 Annual Conference Recap—Orlando
Why is the Annual Conference Important?
Annual Conference Update
Member Appreciation Get-Together
CLM Exam Was Not an Overnight Decision
Operations & Technology Section Meeting Announcement
Annual & Regional Conference Announcements
Hot Topics From the List Serve
Member Anniversaries
Salary & Benefit Survey Order Form
2011—2012 Business Partners
Job Bank
Golden Gate Chapter Leadership
August 2011 Calendar

The Bridge - August 2011