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President’s Message There are many skills legal managers must cultivate. One of them is organization. We live with simultaneous deadlines and constant interruptions. The more responsibility accompanying the position, the more pressure to manage details and follow-up with others. In the May, 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review there was an article entitled Being More Productive, p. 83, co-written by David Allen, a productivity expert. Allen spoke about a book he wrote entitled Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Penguin Books, 2001. In this article he writes about his list-driven efficiency system. Which one of us would not be intrigued about an idea on how to get more done in less time with a system driven by lists! Well, of course I went right out, bought the book and read it. I am glad I did. The system uses two of my favorite things, lists and folders. Adam that we carry too much information in our brain. Once we can put this information on paper and delete it from our memory it allows us to leave room in our brain for new information and creativity. How often do I think, "Oh yeah, I have to remember to call so and so about such and such." If I just wrote it down and looked at it often enough, I would do the task without taking up space in my brain. Diane L. Camacho, CLM, SPHR Diane Camacho can be reached at I have always used lists -- even a colored clipboard on my desk to keep my list. What Adam suggests is that every task goes on a list, not just the tasks important enough to make the list. There are multiple lists for multiple topics (e.g. calls, action items, ALA) and one list for all active projects (anything that has more than two steps). The main list is the Next Action list. It seems like a lot of work and a lot of lists, but I created an Excel file with multiple sheets, each sheet is a different list. It is nothing new to us that if we keep important paper organized in an easily retrievable fashion, close at hand, we can retrieve what we need as we need it. Adam ads a new twist to the topic files by suggesting a system that coordinates the files with the lists and uses task files. For example, having a file for things we need to do at the computer (e.g. update Outlook with the calendar items for a new committee or adds information to a standard office list) and keep that file with the computer. This keeps the task file near the appropriate tool and you can complete like tasks at one time. Allen also stresses the importance of having the system work at home and at work, basically using the same system in both places. We are using the same brain and we remember things in a random manner; therefore, it is logical that we should use one system to process everything. This also makes sense to those of us who have a blurred line between our private and professional lives. I have been using this system for three weeks and it is working very well for me. I keep the Excel spreadsheet open all day and open the appropriate tabs to add information to appropriate lists. When I have a few minutes between meetings, I can click on the Call list and make a quick call. My managing partner wanted to meet with me and I was able to quickly print out the list for things I need to discuss with him, grab the coordinating file and have what I needed in under two minutes. This system may work for me, but may not for you. What I suggest is that we always look for ways to improve our performance, stay on top of information and expand our skills to stay current and sane. Learn something new and try it. You may be surprised. 4 Golden Gate Chapter August 2011

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