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A TRIBUTE TO GAYLEY MOORE Past Chapter President (1995) Gayley Moore, longtime Human Resources Manger for the San Francisco office of Schiff Hardin LLP, passed way suddenly on June 27, 2011. Gayley was 66 years old and due to retire in a few months and her passing saddens all who knew her. There is a full obituary that can be viewed at the link provided below. Even if you didn’t know Gayley, just reading the facts in her obituary could give you some idea as to the type of person she was and what she was made of. She switched universities to go back home to take care of her ailing mother. Gayley became a single mother to two young children after her husband’s untimely death. She taught preschool locally to support her family and subsequently started working as a paralegal at Morgenstein & Jubelirer (now Schiff Hardin LLP) with no experience in that field. Eventually, she became Human Resources Manager there. She loved Catalina, where her family had a house going back generations. She delighted in talking about her children and sharing stories about her grandchildren. She was a charitable person who, along with friends, started a woman’s group that was both philanthropic and social. Gayley Moore was someone who was a client of mine for many years but at some point I could say that we became friends. That’s the sort of person Gayley was. If she liked and trusted you then she wanted to take you into her very varied circle. Our connection was based on work, but whenever I saw or spoke with Gayley I always knew I was dealing with a friend. Gayley was a namedropper. Not one to drop the names of celebrities or particularly powerful people. The names she dropped were of those who were in her daily life and she started dropping those names about a year after I met her. It started with her mentioning the first and last names of the secretaries that were taking time off for whatever temp need that she was calling in to us. It confused me at first, as it made me wonder if she’d told me about this person before and maybe I was supposed to remember who that was. Then she started referring to the attorneys by first and last names and what their needs were, then the file clerks, etc. Eventually this namedropping would spread to other aspects of her life and it could be anyone from a cousin of hers to her next door neighbor to the person who cut her lawn. It was always first and last names. At some point I realized that Gayley was a communicator and also someone who wanted you to know what her life was about and who was in it. It made me hope that maybe she was saying to some friend or family member of hers on Catalina Island, ”Well, I was talking with John Dorning and he said…”. I should be so lucky. There was a kind of “old school” graciousness to Gayley that is becoming all too rare and it’s unfortunate that people like her are less and less a part of the work force. Gayley was someone who never failed to thank you with a handwritten note, a phone call or sometimes even an email just to top it off. The thank you note or card would arrive in the mail within two days of whatever good deed had been done, always with a warm reference to the nice time that we’d had together. Gayley was also someone who placed great importance on the needs of those around her. She would put the same care and concern in being sure that a broken mouse got replaced for a temporary employee as she would in pouring over information when doing salary review. Even her outgoing message on her voicemail seemed to show concern. “This is Gayley Moore. Today is Friday, June 24th and I will be in the office all day today, etc.” She recorded her message each day stating the proper day and date and she always emphasized the word “will”. I used to wonder if she rerecorded it right before she left the night before or the first thing in the morning or at the beginning of the year a few hundred times in a row! No matter, it was always updated and somehow reassuring. continued on next page 6 Golden Gate Chapter August 2011

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