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CHAPTER LEADERSHIP PROFILES: Get to Know Our Volunteer Leaders of Region 6—Conference Steven Morris, CLM Office Administrator at Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP Region 6 Director Matt Ogden Regional Office Manager at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP Region 6 Communications Officer Matt: Steve, when the Editors asked us to “interview each other” for the August Bridge I was really floored because after all the years we have both been active with ALA I can’t imagine that there is anything left which people don’t already know about us!! Steve: I see that as true for you with your consistent involvement with the Golden Gate Chapter. Although my heart has always been in San Francisco, my dream of living in the Bay Area has only been a reality for the past three years. So, I still see myself as a relatively new chapter member. Matt: I guess one thing that we could talk about would be conferences. After all, that IS the theme of this month’s Bridge!! I’ve heard you say that you are a “conference junkie.” Can you elaborate on that? Steve: I view education as an ongoing journey. Rarely do I not learn something or am at least reminded of a great tip from a meeting. Since 1995 when I joined ALA, I've been fortunate enough to attend 27 conferences. I still look forward to them. Matt: Well you certainly are a conference junkie! In fact, it was during one of the annual conferences that I met you. I think we had both attended a session given by Judy Hissong and you came up to introduce yourself after the session because you were either in the process of moving from Orange County to the Bay Area or you had just moved and were making an effort to get to know folks from the Golden Gate, East and South Bay [Silicon Valley] Chapters. Do you remember that? Steve: Well, you are pretty unforgettable, Matt. Seeing members across our association at conference each year feels like the best part of a class reunion to me. Matt: What and where was the first Annual ALA Conference you attended? Steve: It was the 1998 Boston Conference. It was overwhelming compared to the regional conferences I previously attended. I'm sure some of the profound education is still in my brain somewhere. But, what I consciously remember the most was meeting Dennis Clark and John Hegna from the Golden Gate Chapter. In addition, I attended an Orange County/GLA chapter event at the Cheers Bar. I guess that speaks to the power of networking. Matt: My first annual conference was the 2001 Conference in Baltimore. I was the Golden Gate Chapter’s Scholarship Winner and one condition of my winning was that I had to write an article about my experience for The Bridge. Now, ten years later, I am writing an article about conferences for The Bridge. Some things never change!!! One of the most thrilling experiences of that conference for me was hearing Keynote Speaker Ann Richards, former Governor of Texas. I know you have spoken about that as being a watershed moment for you, too. 8 Golden Gate Chapter August 2011

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The Bridge - August 2011
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The Bridge - August 2011