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HOT TOPICS FROM THE ALA-GGC LISTSERV Compiled from questions with 5 or more responses HOT TOPICS FROM THE LIST SERVE1 Any tips on motivating your attorneys to record their time – ON TIME! Most people responding run a weekly report which identifies the offenders. The report is then given to a managing partner who follows up with late billers (sometimes with the administrator’s help). Other unique ideas were to reward the “on-timers” with fun stamps or with remuneration – one firm at one time had a “tip” program that gave “on-timers” $3/day for timely turn in! Is your firm closed on Monday 1/2/2012 and a court holiday? How about Monday 12/24/2012 but NOT a court holiday? 1/2/2012 12/24/2012 Yes  Yes  ?  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Probably  Likely  Likely  Probably  Yes  Yes  Yes  Does your firm reimburse the monthly home internet charge for staff that has remote access? 10 firms responded with a resounding “no.” 3 firms do – 2 only management and 1 attorneys and paralegals. Is the PTO cap equal to the employee’s annual accrual or set at some higher amount? Accrual  Annual accrual  1.5x accrual  1.75x accrual  1.9x (mos) accrual  # of Firms  1  4 (+1 )  1  2 (‐1)  Comments        The Labor Commission Opinion used to say “no less than 1.9x”  however  now it can be “reasonable” – one of the two firms is  changing to 1.5x    2x accrual  2  1 Those questions that received 5 or more responses are considered to be hot topics. You can be part of every on-line discussion by logging into the Members Only/ListServ section at The Hot Topics summary section no longer includes questions and responses regarding specific services and vendor recommendations. 21 Golden Gate Chapter November 2011

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The Bridge - November 2011
President’s Message
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New Law Requires Employers to Continue Health Benefits
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The Bridge - November 2011