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President’s Message: The Evolution of Business Partners The evolution from sales"men", to vendors, to Business Partners has been gradual. Many of us have experienced these changes in the sales industry since we began our careers. It has gone from salesmen knowing their products and trying to get us to purchase them, to partners who strive to understand us and our business needs in order to help us. Our Business Partners understand that we may need their help today, ten years from now or perhaps never. I have referred peers to our Business Partners even though I may not need their services. Our Business Partners know and understand this. The quote below is from a blog by a man who consults to the sales industry. It is written from the voice of a salesman/business partner: 1990: 2011: We constructed “Reasons to Buy” We ask our customers what they want and need – and build solutions to match their goals We “countered” objections We listen to our customers concerns – and work to resolve them We used “power phrases” and guided “selling words” We talk like normal human beings. We understand that if our thoughts and intentions are correct, the words will take care of themselves. We were adversarial. Someone had to win, and someone had to lose. We work as partners. Everyone wins, or no one wins. 1990: 2011: Diane L. Camacho, CLM, SPHR Diane Camacho can be reached at 1990: 2011: 1990: 2011: 1990: 2011: Everyone was a potential customer If someone neither wants nor needs what we are selling, why are we wasting his time? And ours? Everything changes. The relationships we have with our business partners today versus the relationships we had 20 years ago has definitely changed for the good. If you haven't had an opportunity to meet our current business partners, I encourage you to join us for our next Business Partner mixer, join us for our holiday party or attend a meeting being sponsored by one of them. You'll be pleasantly surprised. I consider many of our business partners personal friends. Knowing I can call one of them to get information regarding a personal situation or professional question, is a priceless benefit. _________________________ Quoted from 1/6/11 blog post "The Evolution of Sales: A Brief History" by, Activated Strategies, Inc. As a Member of ALA you are eligible for special benefits provided by nationally known companies through the Value in Partnership program. See for details. 4 Golden Gate Chapter November 2011

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The Bridge - November 2011
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