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CHAPTER LEADER INSTITUTE Cynthia Walrod, CLM Executive Director, Adler & Colvin This past July, I attended the Chapter Leadership Institute, often referred to as CLI. Those who know me know that I love to learn. And for those of you that I hope to know better, one thing I can tell you about myself is that I’m a giddy kid when it comes to learning something new. Each time I attend a conference, or take a refresher class at a local college, I begin with the same wonderful feeling, just like when I was a kid waiting for that first day of school. CLI was no different, but, for me, it had a new twist. The focus of CLI is strengthening the leadership and management skills of current and future chapter leaders. The Golden Gate Chapter usually sends its executive board members to this annual conference. This year, the chapter also sent two current board members interested in increasing their volunteer efforts by moving into an executive board position. When the e-mail arrived asking for those interested in attending the conference to submit their name for the scholarship drawing, I responded immediately. I was thrilled when my name was pulled from the hat. ALA Member: Cynthia Walrod Human Resource Co-Chair I’ve served on the GGC board for many years, and have enjoyed every minute. Perhaps like you, I have been curious about the deeper workings of how ALA National governs itself, and how the local chapters (in my mind’s eye – puzzle pieces) interlock to form a cohesive, strong international organization. I thought that CLI was a great opportunity to quench my curiosity, and I was not disappointed. The first session of the conference started off like gangbusters - a welcome address led by our ALA National President Karen Griggs. Karen gave an overview of the sessions that were available over the next few days, and Continued on Page 11 10 Golden Gate Chapter January 2012

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The Bridge - January 2012
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The Bridge - January 2012