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CHAPTER LEADER INSTITUTE (Continued from Page 10) talked about how we, the leaders in attendance and our membership, are the building blocks of ALA! It’s nice to know that ALA National appreciates all of the work that we, at the local level, invest. It was like a big group “thank you”, and then it was on to the first of our breakout sessions. The Golden Gate Chapter is part of Region 6, and the management team, led by GGC’s own Steve Morris, is excellent. We started our Regional Breakout session by getting to know one another through a team trivia icebreaker. Steve then asked each member of his team - Matt Ogden, (Communications Officer), Helen Ferentinos (Education Officer), and Cindy Snook (Projects Officer) - to give us an overview of his or her position and responsibilities. We discussed how the Region can support us in providing quality leadership, resources, and educational experiences. It was stimulating to learn about other chapters in our Region. And the GGC team was not only able to share some key accomplishments of 2010-2011 but also came away with great ideas for the upcoming year. The following morning we began our day with a Town Hall Exchange. This was probably my favorite part of the entire conference. Larry Smith, ALA’s Executive Director, and Karen Griggs, ALA’s President, moderated a lively, anything goes Q&A session. I knew Larry and Karen only as names and faces on the website. But I used this time to gain a better perspective on their depth of knowledge, professionalism, and leadership. They conversed with us in a very real, collegial, relaxed manner, without the hindrance of a prepared speech. When the session had to end (to my dismay), I remember thinking that this was the type of session that should be available at every Regional and National conference. I was also hit by the obvious: socializing is an important building block for professional relationships (however long distance). We really need to set aside the time to engage with everyone in our local chapters - at educational sessions, business partner functions, after-work activities.   Continued on Page 12 11 Golden Gate Chapter January 2012

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The Bridge - January 2012
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The Bridge - January 2012