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A TRIBUTE TO GINGER PERMILLION CAVA Ginger Permillion Cava, office manager at Hinman & Carmichael LLP for more than 12 years, passed away suddenly on her way to work on December 6, 2011. She was a very vibrant and vivacious 68 years old, with no plans to retire (at least no plans that she told us about). Born in Sweden, she began her life in the United States as an au pair, but she began her professional life as an accountant. Before she arrived at our firm, she moved through increasingly responsible accounting jobs at Pillsbury, Arnelle Hastie, and Volunteers of America. By the time she got to Hinman & Carmichael, she was not only an accountant, she was a MANAGER. We were blessed with 12 wonderful years under her management. The firm is small, which meant that she handled everything, from name tags at the Christmas party to the intricacies of billing and accounting, from birthday cakes for staff and attorneys, to collections. She could do it all. She took care of us and the details of our firm with the same attention and care as she gave to herself and her family. She cared intensely about doing what was right and doing it well. She would appear in our office doors, completely outraged by a client who wasn’t paying or a service technician who hadn’t managed to fix our computers. It was such a gift to have an employee who cared about us and our business as much as we did—maybe even more. Ginger’s love for dogs, particularly German Shepherds, was legendary. She was an active advocate for dog parks and the SPCA and even donated bullet-proof vests for the police dogs in El Cerrito. If you wanted to talk about dogs with her, she was always ready with an entertaining story or incident. We are all missing those stories and Ginger, more than we can express. - Lynne Carmichael, Hinman & Carmichael I was saddened when I received a call from my friend and former colleague Candy Permillion Picazo that her mom had passed away on December 6. I met Ginger some 18 years ago through Candy and after many years of sending her information about joining ALA, she finally became a member. Ginger enjoyed attending meetings, especially the quarterly lunches. I always looked forward to seeing her and watching her smile as she gave me updates about her grandsons. Ginger “MorMor” as she was called by her grandsons, enjoyed cooking, traveling, fine dining with her husband, and spending time with her daughters and grandsons. She is survived by her Husband Randy Cava of El Cerrito, her daughters Candace “Candy” Permillion Picazo and Carmen “CC” Permillion, her two favorite grandsons Victor Picazo and Miles Permillion, all of Berkeley, and a large family back home in Sweden. She will be dearly missed. - Kim Coates, Munger, Tolles & Olson LLPl hourly rate $262 $151 $100 In the fast-paced legal world, Update Legal has the ability to transform a vast pool of professional talent into an efficient and cost-effective workforce - anytime, anyplace, anywhere. With over a decade of experience, Update Legal has built a strong foundation with clients and candidates to ensure the successful placement of attorneys, paralegals, and litigation support staff in contract and contract-to-permanent positions with law firms and corporate legal departments. Anna-Maria Licata 100 California Street, Suite 1350 San Francisco, CA 94111 Tel: 415.362.3011 - Mobile: 415.694.0121 San Francisco · Los Angeles · New York · New Jersey Washington, DC · Philadelphia · Boston _____________________________________ 6 Golden Gate Chapter January 2012

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