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TEST YOURSELF! -DO I UPDATE THESE? If so, where do I get 1. Your firm just received a large employment litigation case in which you must track and report in varying ways a vast amount of information on their employees, including dates of hire, gender, location, dates of termination, etc. Which program would best suit your needs in this case? a. Microsoft Word b. Microsoft Access c. Microsoft Excel d. Lotus Notes 2. According to the ABA guidelines, when may a lawyer destroy client files? a. One year after the conclusion of the matter. b. After the lawyer has attempted to return the file to the client and after ensuring that no legal or ethical restrictions prevent their destruction. c. If the lawyer, in his or her professional opinion, concludes that the matter is completed and the client has no further need of the file contents. d. Once the lawyer has determined that the client cannot or will not pay outstanding fees. 3. You are an administrator in an estate planning firm and you store many of your clients’ valuable papers on site. Which of the following insurance policies would provide coverage in case of a theft? a. Employment Practices b. General Liability c. Business Interruption d. Property Insurance 4. Which of the following is not true of Strategic Planning? a. SP begins with a situational analysis. b. Understanding of mandatesis a basic component of SP. c. SP assumes everything except the environment is changing. d. The final step in SP is evaluation. Answers on Page 22 Michael Koehne Chapter Job Bank Don’t forget to use the job bank on our web site! Members can send résumés to our Job Bank Chair and check on-line for openings. Employers can post openings for free on the website and get copies of résumés in the Job Bank. Just click http: to go directly to the Job Bank or contact our Job Bank Chair—Michael Koehne at or 415392-7900. 19 Golden Gate Chapter August 2013

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The Bridge - August 2013
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The Bridge - August 2013