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Relationships in Business By Margee Witt of Blaisdell’s In today’s business environment, having great working relationships can make or break my day. For me, having strong relationships with people and businesses that I trust makes my job so much easier. Sometimes, it does take a village! As a business owner, it is of utmost importance to me to have a positive work environment both inside and outside the office. Our team at Blaisdell’s trust that I will do my best to help make their jobs more successful while creating a positive atmosphere. It is also of vital importance to me that the folks on our team at Blaisdell’s know that they are valued and that our relationship is based on honesty and trust. I want to come to the office looking forward to seeing them, after all consider how much time we spend together! Those are the same core values with which we approach our customers. Blaisdell’s is in the business of selling office supplies – not exactly rocket science right? How does one feel fulfilled selling paper clips all day? Easy! For me and for our team, it’s all about developing strong relationships, both in the office and with our customers. Now – we’re talking about having a fun workday. Did my advice help Sue in Admin get the right headset? Was I able to save Dave in finance enough to stay within budget, and help him look good to his new CFO? Did our driver get that carton of copy paper to your office at 8am so that the reports could get printed for the important 9am meeting? That’s the kind of stuff that makes us excited to be at work. It’s not about the sale; it’s about making a difference in our customer’s workday. I often wonder why more businesses don’t think like this. Partnering with a valued and trusted local vendor is invaluable to having a successful business. Anyone call sell something for less – but do they care that you’re getting just the right thing? Or that you’re getting it on time? Or that perhaps there’s a better product to suit your needs? Or that your experience is great? We do! And be assured that it doesn’t have to cost more. Our business mantra is ‘Have a great Workday’ and we mean just that. We do everything in our power to bring you a great experience when working with us. Our folks are empowered to do what it takes to make your job easier. We’re a local Bay Area, certified small business and we do things a little differently than the big guys. We actually care! All of us at Blaisdell’s Business Products are delighted to be a new Business Partner with the ALA. We are a great fit for businesses in the legal industry. Not only do we stock everything that you need for the office, but we also provide furniture, cleaning and breakroom products, a full ergonomic solution and custom printing. All that and Free next business day delivery anywhere in the US. Not to mention – our staff knows what they’re talking about. Need help? Just give us a call – we love to share our knowledge. We are pleased to already be working with a number of ALA members. We look forward to meeting other ALA members and getting to know you better too. For us, it’s all about the relationship and finding new ways to bring you a Great Workday! 7 Golden Gate Chapter August 2013

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The Bridge - August 2013
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The Bridge - August 2013