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New Member Profile: Garry Pallister (1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your personal history, your family, hobbies, pets, etc. I grew up in Marin went to high school at St. Ignatius and then College at U.C. Irvine. I met my wife at Irvine and we moved back to the Bay Area when she entered grad school at Berkeley. I now live in Alameda with my wife, 9 year old daughter and two crazy Pug puppies. My hobbies are golf (some might call it an addiction), skiing, camping with friends and family and coaching my daughter’s basketball team. (2) How did you end up in law firm management? I became a paralegal in 1995 and started with Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP in 2001. I had been with Kerr & Wagstaffe longer than some of the partners and over the years became more and more involved with the administrative side of the office and developed a pretty good understanding of the inner workings of the firm. At the end of 2012 the partners asked me if I would be interested in moving from senior paralegal to office administrator, and I accepted. (3) What do you enjoy most about your current position? My job is to keep the office running smoothly, and every day there is a new challenge (read “problem”) that needs to be figured out. (4) What combination of personal qualities and occupational experience do you think make for a great legal administrator? The position requires patience, the ability to listen, good communication skills, and confidence. I think leading by example is the most important quality – any expectations I put on the staff apply to me as well. Second only to that is a good sense of humor. I think having a paralegal or legal secretary background helps, especially in a small office. My experience as a paralegal gives me the opportunity to help the paralegals and legal assistants in their work when advice or an extra set of hands is needed. (5) When and why did you decide to become an ALA member? I joined the ALA when I moved into the office administrator position at the beginning of this year. I joined because it is a great resource for a newbie like myself to learn from the experience of others. Also, Maryann Milla, with whom I work and who was on the membership committee at the time, said I should. (6) Of the ALA events you have attended, which one is your favorite so far? The Small Firm Administrator Round Table. It is good to hear that I am not alone in the challenges I face and questions I have. (7) Who do you admire most (in the world, in business, in world history, etc.), and why? I’ll pick business as this is a professional publication, and I would have to say Steve Jobs. To look at where Apple was when he returned and took over in 1998, and where it is now, is nothing short of amazing. He had a very clear idea of where he wanted the company to go and what kind of products they would make, and he did not waiver from that goal regardless of the obstacles that got in his way or the people that told him it couldn’t be done. (8) What legacy (either personal or professional) do you wish to leave for those who come along after you? I would like to be remembered with a smile, as easy going, someone who is always there to help, dependable in work and a loyal friend. (9) What does your “dream retirement” look like? Golf in the summer and skiing in the winter. 10 Golden Gate Chapter September 2013

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The Bridge - September 2013
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The Bridge - September 2013