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President’s Message ALA membership has its rewards. ALA members learn of the Association in one way or another. I learned of the Association through a former chapter president who mentioned it to me when the annual conference was last in San Francisco. Later, as I was determining whether to manage law firms for a living, another member recommended I join the Association as a functional specialist and that I should join the chapter board at my earliest opportunity. Subsequent to these conversations, I began to look into the Association and learned a great deal about the educational offerings, the CLM professional certification, the vetted business partners and the professional networking opportunities available to members. I began to see the value Association membership brings to legal administrators and membership became an important component of the overall picture for me early in my personal assessment. Jason Santiago Jackson Lewis LLP Jason Santiago can be reached at 415-796-5424 or by email at Jason.santiago Once I joined, I was contacted about attending an upcoming new member breakfast and began meeting my first board members. In the coming months, I would join the chapter board and begin to create my own network of administrator friends. What I discovered about the ALA is that all that I was told about it was understated compared to the actual rewards of membership. I did not become a legal administrator because of the Association, but seeing how the board worked, gaining insights from tangible educational offerings and knowing there was a solid national network of colleagues made the leap easier. Membership in ALA can have a profound effect on one’s career and professional development. And, such has been my personal experience. The nuances I have learned from others and the people I have met are very important to me. ALA membership has enriched my professional and personal life in many ways. One of the most important things I have learned about ALA membership reinforces a lesson I learned long ago. A member’s experience almost fully depends on that member’s involvement. You get out of life what you put into it. Similarly, you get out of membership what you put into it. I strongly encourage each of you to get involved and to get the most out of your membership. You will be rewarded to the extent you tap into membership resources and you will be the better for it. 4 Golden Gate Chapter September 2013

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The Bridge - September 2013
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The Bridge - September 2013