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President's Message
I am honored to have served the Chapter as your President for the 2016-2017 Board Year.
As many past presidents can attest, the culmination of their year was to receive an award for
the Chapter's accomplishments in that year. This year was no exception and I am pleased
to report that we, once again, received the Presidents' Award of Excellence. What does this
mean? The Award is named in honor of ALA's Past Presidents and recognizes chapters for
their efforts in effective chapter leadership and establishes both mandatory and recommended annual chapter performance standards. Fewer than half of ALA Chapters received this
award in 2017. However, it was very exciting to hear that all of the Chapters in Region 6 did!
Our Region rocks!! Please take a look at the photos from Denver - it was a great conference
and I swelled with pride when I took to the stage to receive this award. In my firm, our Managing Partner, Ben Wilson, signs off his messages to everyone with "together we can do
great things." I'd like to echo that sentiment for the Golden Gate Chapter!
Ceanne Herndon
Office Manager
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

~Ceanne Herndon, Immediate Past President

Ceanne Herndon can be
reached at 415-262-4055
or by email at

Annie Lathram
Director of California
Reed Smith LLP
Annie Lathram can be
reached at 415-659-5939 or
by email

I am delighted to be stepping in as President of the Golden Gate Chapter especially since
the chapter is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Our chapter has been blessed with
an amazing group of talented professionals who have devoted their time and energy to make
the Golden Gate Chapter a vibrant learning community. As I reflect on the past 40 years of
my career, I will always be eternally grateful to the support that ALA has given me. At our recent Board retreat, I shared the goals that I hope the Board can accomplish together. Goal
one is to continue to advance our diversity and inclusion initiative by partnering with our sister chapters and other Bay Area legal organizations to elevate this important initiative. Goal
two is to continue to elevate our imprint in the Bay Area community by partnering with our
sister Bay Area chapters and our business partners to participate in more community outreach. This is particularly near and dear to my heart as one in four Bay Area families struggle to make ends meet. As the child of a single immigrant parent, I know firsthand the impact these programs have on those in need. Goal three is to partner with a Bay Area legal
services organization to work side by side with them in supporting their pro bono efforts; and
finally, goal four is to work with our chapter leaders in identifying ways to engage the next
generation of law firm professionals by doing continuous outreach to local universities and
law schools and provide presentations on the opportunities in legal management. I look forward to working with our chapter this year to realize these goals together, and to celebrate
40 years of excellence with our chapter members and our business partners!
~Annie Lathram, President


Golden Gate Chapter

March/April 2017


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