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FWSA DIRECT MEMBER APPLICATION 2013-2014 Direct membership is available for an individual or family who is NOT a member of a FWSA-affiliated snowsports club. Members of FWSA affiliated ski clubs are automatic FWSA members. Membership is effective through September 30, 2014. "The Voice of the Western Skier" FOUNDED IN 1930 FWSA Membership is Available Through Clubs; or Become a Direct Member by Mary Azevedo Vice-President of Membership, FWSA DIRECT MEMBER BENEFITS I FWSA Membership Card I Member Benefits & Discounts I Copy of the annual Far West Skier's Guide I The Councilman subscription I Invitation to the Annual FWSA Convention and Silent Auction I Participation in FWSA Travel Program, and more. ANNUAL DIRECT MEMBER DUES: $30 per member; $50 per couple; $60 per family. Please copy form and fill it out. Make checks payable to FWSA and mail to: FAR WEST SKI ASSOCIATION c/o Mary Azevedo, VP - Membership, FWSA. 901 Sousa Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 / 925-944-9816. There are many benefits to membership, whether it is through your ski club or as a direct member. Besides the extensive world-wide travel opportunitys, members can participate in the annual FWSA Convention held in different locations throughout the west. At the Convention, there is a Travel Expo where attendees can meet with resort representatives who can provide information about their resorts for future trip planning. It is a wonderful way to get individual attention to have your questions answered. Learn about recent resort improvements, lodging opportunities, closest airports, shuttles, the best trails to ski or board for your ability levels, favorite restaurants not to be missed, and anything important to you or your group. A club delegate speaks with Michael Green and Hannah DeGoey from Mammoth Mountain at the 2013 FWSA Convention Travel Expo. photo by Sigrid Noack Name: Address: City, State, Zip: Home Phone #: Daytime Phone #: Fax #: E-mail: Signature: Date: n Are you interested in information about ski or snowboard clubs in your area? The Far West Skier's Guide can be sent directly to you. The FWSG is available at no cost to members through your ski club, however, if you wish to have the magazine sent to you directly, please copy form, fill out and return with a check for US$4.00 to cover postage and handling. Send to: FAR WEST SKIER'S GUIDE 3115 South Price Road Chandler, AZ 85248 n 2013-2014 n 2014-2015 Name: Address: City, State, Zip: Phone: E-mail: 1O Far West Ski Association has approximately 50,000 members in 13 western states. It is the umbrella organization over 11 councils. Within the councils, there are approximately 165 ski clubs. Membership in the Far West Ski Association has so many benefits. The varied programs offered are found in articles written by officers of the Association, committee chairmen, and council presidents, included in this issue of the Far West Skier's Guide. You will have a great time thinking of all different ways you can enjoy snowsports. If you are already a member of a council club, you are automatically a member of the Far West Ski Association. The FWSA has a member benefits program, as do councils and clubs. These include discounts on ski equipment, lodging at ski resorts, and even discounts at certain restaurants in the ski areas. All you have to do is show your FWSA Membership Card, which is provided by your ski club. There aren't any nicer people than those who join clubs, and members become a close-knit community. With summer and winter activities that go beyond snowsports, you can have a very active life just belonging to a club. Many clubs offer kayaking, hiking, biking, and water skiing, to name just a few fun additional activities. Another benefit to joining a club is that members carpool together or charter buses so you don't need to drive to a ski area by yourself. This doesn't just include weekend trips but mid-week skiing, as well. Many ski clubs belong to a race league, and there are also junior races for children. If you are looking for a great organization to join, a snowsports club should be one of your first considerations. Refer to the Club Section (starting on page 66) of this issue of the Far West Skier's Guide for a local club near where you live. Club listings are by council. Direct membership in the Far West Ski Association is available for those who have relocated, and for those nationwide who wish to participate in Far West travel and other organizational opportunities. Simply copy and fill out the application on the top left on this page and mail it in along with the membership fee. L L Far West Skier's Guide 2O13 - 2O14 / See the Digital Edition of the Far West Skier's Guide at www.fwsa.org. http://www.fwsa.org

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Far West Skier's Guide 2013-2014
Board of Directors, Trustees
President’s Message: FWSA is on the Move!
FWSA Committee Chairmen and Other Representatives
FWSA Presidents Gather at 2013 Convention
Council Information
FWSA Council Services Supports Clubs
National Ski Council Federation Brings Councils & Clubs Together Nationwide
FWSA Membership: Through Clubs or Direct
FWSA Direct Member Application Form
Order Form / Far West Skier’s Guide
FWSA Communications
Ski Season - 2014
FWSA Travel Program
FWRA Board of Directors
FWRA League Race Chairs
Why Do We Race?
FWRA Race Schedule
The FWSA Athletic Scholarship Program Helps Junior Racers
Pursue Your Passions Through the FWSF
Hope on the Slopes Events
Winter Trails Day
FWSA 81st Annual Convention - Mountain Magic Moments - Recap
FWSA 2013 Convention Sponsors
FWSA Industry Award Winners
Convention Door Prize Donors & Milestones
2013 FWSA Councils’ Man & Woman of the Year
Silent Auction & Travel Expo Participants - 2013
2013 FWSA Convention Award Recipients
Snowsports Celebrities Entertain & Inform
Candace Cable, Keynote Speaker
FWSA Safety Person of the Year
FWSA Western Ski Heritage Award
FWSA Snowsports Builder Awards
FWSA Ski Clubs & Councils Continue Generous Charity Support
FWSA 82nd Annual Convention - Volcanic Paradise - Bend, Oregon
FWSA 83rd Annual Convention - Salute to San Diego
Twelve Resorts / One Pass
Public Affairs - 2013 Update
The Road to Sochi
Lodging Options
Regional Ski Shows
High Hopes Exist for an Olympic & Far West History Museum in Squaw Valley
Zermatt: Where Legends Meet!
Has Technology Made Skiing Safer?
How Well Do You Know Your Resorts?
A Visit to the 2013- 2014 Digital Edition Only Insert
FWSA Council & Club Information

Far West Skier's Guide 2013-2014