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Women's Ski Jumping USA - The Road To Sochi by Whitney Childers Communications Manager, WSJUSA What's the story? cluded in the Olympic Winter Games caused many critics to allege that their exclusion was baseless and grounded on antiquated notions of female athletes' abilities (not unlike what was said in the 70s and 80s about women marathoners). Before the Vancouver Games in 2010, Van held the K95 Vancouver hill record of 105.5 meters, a mark higher than any competitor's, woman or man. It is arguably the dream of every elite athlete to represent her country at the Olympic Games, the sports world's largest stage. For women ski jumpers around the world, that opportunity did not exist. Ski jumping and Nordic combined, which consists of cross-country skiing and jumping, became the only events in the Olympic Winter Games in which women were not allowed to compete like the men. In 1991, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that all future Olympic sports must be opened to both genders, however, this excluded the nine original sports at the inaugural Olympic Winter Games in 1924, including ski jumping. Female ski jumpers petitioned to participate in the Winter Games for more than 10 years, but were continually denied. On April 6, 2011, the IOC finally announced that a women's ski jumping event would be added to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games program. The women will have one event - normal hill competition. The men have three events (normal hill, large hill and team competition). Why weren't they allowed to jump? About Women's Ski Jumping USA These skilled athletes ski down an in-run at nearly 60 mph and can fly the distance of a football field - and farther. But, women ski jumpers were told that jumping wasn't "appropriate for ladies...". The IOC told the jumpers that their sport lacked universality - despite having more athletes and more countries competing internationally at the elite level than other Winter Olympic sports for women such as bobsleigh and ski cross. In 2010 alone, nearly 180 women jumpers from 18 nations competed in International Ski Federation-sanctioned competitions. Women's Ski Jumping USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the primary support organization for the U.S. Women's Ski Jumping Team. WSJ-USA Will they get to jump in the Games? Sarah Hendrickson (center) took her second US National title (LH) on August 4 in Park City, Utah. Jessica Jerome (left) was 2nd and Lindsey Van (right) was 3rd. has two staff members and two coaches. It remains mostly a volunteer organization and works hard to raise the necessary funds to pay for the women's coach, travel expenses, training, equipment and junior developmental programs for young girls. Vancouver Court Case In 2008, Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome, two of the most decorated women ski jumpers in the U.S., teamed up with 13 women jumpers from five countries to sue the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) for their right to compete in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The historic human rights legal battle resulted in the British Columbia Supreme Court declaring in 2009 that the IOC exhibited gender discrimination by excluding women's ski jumping from the Vancouver Games, but stopped short of forcing VANOC and the IOC to hold an event for women. The women appealed, but the appeals court came to the same conclusion as the BC Supreme Court. The notoriety of their battle to be in- Sarah Hendrickson continued her string of victories and high finishes, winning the US Women's Jumping Championships on August 4. She jumped with a field of competitors that included jumpers from Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, the Altius Nordic Ski Club of Calgary and Lake Placid. 52 Far West Skier's Guide 2O13 - 2O14 / See the Digital Edition of the Far West Skier's Guide at www.fwsa.org. http://www.fwsa.org

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