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is through the Foundation that we work to support the Athletic Scholarship Program, Skier Rehabilitation Program, Snowsports History Program, and Women's Ski Jumping. The Foundation is growing, and we will continue to work hard to make each year more successful than the last. We appreciate all of our generous donors who have made the Foundation strong. It is with anticipation that we enter an Olympic year, with the Sochi Winter Olympics to be held February 7-23, 2014. Our U.S. Ski Team is stronger than ever. The Far West Ski Association and Far West Ski Foundation have generated funds and support not only for junior racers and future Olympians, but also for Women's Ski Jumping USA. We will especially feel a great sense of pride as we watch this team compete in their first-ever Winter Olympics. FWSA has a wonderful team of volunteers who contribute countless hours of time and expertise to our organization. In addition, we could not have the outstanding level of success that we achieve year after year, without the generosity and support of our industry partners and sponsors. Thank you for all you do on behalf of FWSA! Great things are happening at Far West Ski Association, and I look forward to seeing you soon, on the slopes or at our 82nd Annual Far West Ski Association Convention in Bend, Oregon next June! L L FAR WEST SKI ASSOCIATION Committee Chairmen & Other Representatives - 2O13 / 2O14 ANNUAL CONVENTION FWSA PROCEDURES ANNUAL CONVENTION CHAIR Jane Wyckoff (949) 933-9607 E-mail: janewyckoff1@cox.net HISTORY COMMITTEE CHAIR/ PARLIAMENTARIAN John Watson (760) 723-6539 E-mail: president@fwsf.net HOST COUNCIL CONVENTION COORDINATOR - 2014 Mary A. Olhausen (503) 880-7383 E-mail: omary52@comcast.net SILENT AUCTION/ TRAVEL EXPO CHAIR Mary A. Olhausen (503) 880-7383 E-mail: omary52@comcast.net FWSA RECOGNITION PROGRAMS AWARDS COMMITTEE CHAIR Catherine Ohl (858) 467-9469 E-mail: ohl@acatmeowz.com ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE CHAIR Dick Shawkey (209) 795-4792 E-mail: rshawkey@comcast.net CLUB/COUNCIL COMMUNICATION AWARDS CHAIR Crissymarie King (559) 916-4901 E-mail: criss@firstsightdesign.net COUNCILS' MAN & WOMAN OF THE YEAR RECOGNITION PROGRAM CHAIR Donn Bryant (530) 550-9452 E-mail: gsracer@suddenlink.net BYLAWS COMMITTEE CHAIR Robb Margrave (415) 892-6295 E-mail: robbmargrave@comcast.net COMMUNICATIONS/ PUBLICATIONS INFORMATION SERVICES DIRECTOR Jim Stewart (925) 362-4325 E-mail: fwsais-2013@yahoo.com MARKETING MEDIA COORDINATOR George Stewart (559) 737-0882 E-mail: gwstewart@prodigy.net FAR WEST SKIER'S GUIDE EDITOR & PUBLISHER Leigh Gieringer (480) 600-6099 Fax: (480) 855-2303 E-mail: fwsg@cox.net THE COUNCILMAN EDITOR Connie Burdette (408) 270-8953 E-mail: email@fwsacouncilman.com FWSA.ORG WEBMASTER Catherine Ohl (858) 467-9469 E-mail: ohl@acatmeowz.com FAR WEST NEWS FLASH EDITOR Debbi Kor (503) 314-7078 E-mail: fwsadebbi@comcast.net FWSA Presidents Gather at 2013 Convention SOCIAL MEDIA CHAIR Steve Coxen (503) 679-9022 E-mail: stevecoxen@yahoo.com FWSA OUTREACH CHARITIES & OUR COMMUNITY CHAIR Sigrid Noack (310) 823-1373 E-mail: sig4ski@earthlink.net FAMILY & YOUTH INVOLVEMENT COMMITTEE CHAIR Fran Long (805) 712-5781 E-mail: fancat2007@sbcglobal.net SAFETY COMMITTEE CHAIR Richard Lubin, D.C. (925) 828-7454 E-mail: botaboardr@comcast.net Several of the past Far West Ski Association presidents gathered at the 2013 FWSA Convention held in Reno, Nevada this past June to congratulate newly elected president, Linda Scott. Pictured from left to right: Jane Wyckoff (1981-1985), Steve Coxen (20002003), Harry Davis (1996-2000), Linda Scott (2013-), Randy Lew (2006-2013), and Mike Sanford (2003-2006). photo by Catherine Ohl Won't You Join Us? TAX ADVISOR John Reinhardt E-mail: johnreinhardt@hotmail.com "The Voice of the Western Skier" FOUNDED IN 1930 Far West Skier's Guide 2O13 - 2O14 7 http://www.FWSA.ORG

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Far West Skier's Guide 2013-2014
Board of Directors, Trustees
President’s Message: FWSA is on the Move!
FWSA Committee Chairmen and Other Representatives
FWSA Presidents Gather at 2013 Convention
Council Information
FWSA Council Services Supports Clubs
National Ski Council Federation Brings Councils & Clubs Together Nationwide
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Ski Season - 2014
FWSA Travel Program
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Why Do We Race?
FWRA Race Schedule
The FWSA Athletic Scholarship Program Helps Junior Racers
Pursue Your Passions Through the FWSF
Hope on the Slopes Events
Winter Trails Day
FWSA 81st Annual Convention - Mountain Magic Moments - Recap
FWSA 2013 Convention Sponsors
FWSA Industry Award Winners
Convention Door Prize Donors & Milestones
2013 FWSA Councils’ Man & Woman of the Year
Silent Auction & Travel Expo Participants - 2013
2013 FWSA Convention Award Recipients
Snowsports Celebrities Entertain & Inform
Candace Cable, Keynote Speaker
FWSA Safety Person of the Year
FWSA Western Ski Heritage Award
FWSA Snowsports Builder Awards
FWSA Ski Clubs & Councils Continue Generous Charity Support
FWSA 82nd Annual Convention - Volcanic Paradise - Bend, Oregon
FWSA 83rd Annual Convention - Salute to San Diego
Twelve Resorts / One Pass
Public Affairs - 2013 Update
The Road to Sochi
Lodging Options
Regional Ski Shows
High Hopes Exist for an Olympic & Far West History Museum in Squaw Valley
Zermatt: Where Legends Meet!
Has Technology Made Skiing Safer?
How Well Do You Know Your Resorts?
A Visit to the 2013- 2014 Digital Edition Only Insert
FWSA Council & Club Information

Far West Skier's Guide 2013-2014