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2013 - 2014 Council Information Please check council websites for dates, times and locations of council meetings. Arizona Ski Council 8862 East Cholla, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 President: Arleigh Meiners (480) 391-2612 E-mail: president@arizonaskicouncil.org Website: www.arizonaskicouncil.org Bay Area Snow Sports Council P.O. Box 5429, San Jose, CA 95150 President: Dennis Heffley (925) 825-3262 E-mail: bac.president@skibac.org Website: www.skibac.org Central Council of California 1635 Canyon Crest Lane, Paso Robles, CA 93446 Hosted by different Central Council Clubs President: Fran Long (805) 238-1375 E-mail: fancat2007@sbcglobal.net Website: www.centralcouncilskiclubs.org Inland Ski Council 232 NE Nightshade Ct., Lee's Summit, MO 64086 President: Dan Crawford (816) 805-0384 E-mail: macrci@aol.com Intermountain Ski Council 9632 Dorsetshire Place, Boise, ID 83704 President: Michael Bouton (208) 352-0278 E-mail: powderdays@reagan.com Website: www.intermountainskicouncil.org Los Angeles Council of Ski Clubs P.O. Box 83338, Los Angeles, CA 90083 President: Sandra Knapp (323) 793-7946 E-mail: lacpresident@lacouncil.org Website: www.lacouncil.org New Mexico Council P.O. Box 415, Edgewood, NM 87015 President: Diane Stearley (505) 281-3755 E-mail: dmstear@att.net Website: www.skinewmexico.org Northwest Ski Club Council 5331 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 258, Box 438, Portland, OR 97239 President: Mary Olhausen (503) 880-7383 E-mail omary52@comcast.net Website: www.nwskiers.org Orange Council of Ski Clubs 20630 Travis Road, Yorba Linda, CA 92887 President: Judy Thurman (714) 779-8534 E-mail: ylskicat@aol.com Website: www.orangecouncil.org San Diego Council of Ski Clubs P.O. Box 17496, San Diego, CA 92177 President: Eileen Sanford (858) 761-6192 E-mail: esanford1@san.rr.com Website: www.skisandiego.org Sierra Council 1691 Ashbury Lane, Reno, NV 89523 President: Jo Simpson (775) 787-7556 E-mail: jo_simpson@sbcglobal.net Website: www.sierraleague.com 8 FWSA Council Services Support Clubs by Jo Simpson Vice-President of Council Services, FWSA Council Services supports Far West Ski Association clubs by working through the presidents of the 11 member councils. I am honored to have been elected Vice President of Council Services and look forward to serving in this role for the next two years. We have a talented and involved group of council presidents and program chairs who work together to provide programs and initiatives that benefit our member clubs. There are several great programs that Council Services oversees: Club and Council Communication and Outstanding Club Awards, Councils' Man and Woman of the Year Recognition, Charities and Our Community, and Family and Youth Involvement. Council Services has a goal to increase submissions from clubs for the newsletter, website and outstanding club competitions. These recognitions are a great vehicle for clubs to recognize their hard working volunteers; however, we would like to see more club entries. Our Club/Council Communication Awards Chair, Crissymarie King, has done an outstanding job in her first year with this program and she has great ideas for enhancing it. She is compiling an e-mail group of the newsletter editors and webmasters to enhance communication with them throughout the year. We look forward to working with her to explore ways to stimulate entries for 2014. The FWSA Skin Cancer Prevention Program and its mascot Savvy Snake, chaired by Fran Long as part of the Family and Youth Program, have been wildly successful in engaging kids and parents at ski shows. The stickers and brochures with a kid's game are a big hit. FWSA is funding the materials for ski shows this fall. In addition to being a great vehicle to educate kids about using sunscreen, the promotion also provides an opportunity to make parents aware of the varied programs FWSA offers through our local clubs. Fran, and Bob Ellis, VP Racing, are joining together in a pilot program to reach junior racers and their families at the Lake Tahoe resorts this winter. They want to engage parents of junior racers in a discussion of the work of FWSA, and the opportunity to apply to the Far West Ski Foundation scholarships for promising junior racers. The Charity and Community Service recognition, chaired by Sigrid Noack, highlights the good work our clubs and councils do to benefit their communities. Sigrid and her committee have improved the judging criteria and process for these awards, and we look forward to working with her to further refine the process for 2014. The considerable charity and community work of FWSA clubs and councils is further detailed by Sigrid on pages 42-43. The Councils' Man and Woman of the Year is a wonderful way for clubs and councils to honor their outstanding volunteers. Headed by Donn Bryant, the program involves councils selecting candidates from their member clubs to be honored at the FWSA Convention where the Councils' Man and Woman are named. The 2013 council candidates and the FWSA winners are highlighted on pages 34-35. Most of us joined a ski club to meet and socialize with active people who like to ski and to take advantage of group ski trips to interesting resorts, as well as other socializing. The mission of Council Services is to provide FWSA ski clubs with tools to enhance their success. We welcome ideas and feedback from club members and those who are reading this publication who would like to have more information about our clubs and FWSA. You can contact me at jo_simpson@sbcglobal.net. I look forward to hearing from you. L L National Ski Council Federation Brings Councils & Clubs Together Nationwide by Jo Simpson Public Affairs Chair, NSCF / Sierra Council President The Far West Ski Association and member councils enjoy the benefits of belonging to the National Ski Council Federation. The Federation provides Far West councils an opportunity to interact with ski councils in the southern, central and eastern United States to exchange ideas and receive valuable information for our member clubs. The Federation meetings are structured to provide a forum for council and ski industry representatives to discuss subjects of mutual interest. The 2013 meeting was hosted by Grand Targhee Ski Resort in Wyoming, September 18-22. The Federation provides a wide variety Far West Skier's Guide 2O13 - 2O14 / See the Digital Edition of the Far West Skier's Guide at www.fwsa.org. http://www.arizonaskicouncil.org http://www.skibac.org http://www.centralcouncilskiclubs.org http://www.intermountainskicouncil.org http://www.lacouncil.org http://www.skinewmexico.org http://www.nwskiers.org http://www.orangecouncil.org http://www.skisandiego.org http://www.sierraleague.com http://www.fwsa.org

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