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activity along this river, including white water
rafting and tubing beginning near Tahoe City.
But, there are many other favorite activities to
experience in the Reno area, too.
One of the most popular is the National
Automobile Museum. The majority of the automobiles were once owned by William F,
Harrah, thus, it is sometimes referred to as the
Harrah Collection. At its peak, Harrah owned
approximately 1,450 automobiles before he
died. Most of the collection was sold however,
175 of them were obtained by a non profit
group who constructed a museum to house
these classic and historic 19th Century and
later vehicles. It was opened in 1989. More
vehicles have since been added.
The Nevada Museum of Art is the oldest
cultural institution in Nevada, as well as, the
only nationally accredited art museum in the
state. Its permanent collections are divided
into four main themes: Art of the Greater
West, a Contemporary Art Collection, a Work
Ethics in American Art Collection, and The
Altered Landscape Photography Collection.
There are also traveling exhibitions by national and international artists, as well as, numerous other special conferences and programs offered.
Additionally, Artown - one of the most
comprehensive festivals in the country held in
the month of July - brings in more than 500
events to the area, including musical performances, interactive workshops and art exhibits.
Couple that with Art Spot Reno, the city is heavily involved as a cultural community.
Numerous other special events fill the
local calendar. The Reno River Festival, Reno
Rodeo, Hot August Nights, The Great Reno
Balloon Race, and "Hog Heaven" - Street Vibrations Fall Rally - combining music, metal and
motorcycles. There is lots to do throughout
the year, but also relive its history!

TOP: Reno - The Biggest Little City in the
World is the site of the 2018 FWSA Annual
Convention. Take advantage of the many
activities that are conveniently nearby.
The National Automobile Museum has many
excellent examples of classic cars. Visit the
Nevada Museum of Art to see its many
exhibits. And, of course, there are the casinos
for gambling and shows. MIDDLE: Truckee
River originates from the melting snows of
Lake Tahoe, passes through Reno, Sparks and
subsequently feeds Pyramid Lake about 40
miles northeast of the two adjoining cities.
It is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.
There are areas for all: fishing, kayaking,
rafting, tubing, stand-up paddleboarding,
jet skiing or merely walking along its shores.
LOWER: The Truckee River Whitewater
Park hosts a nationally acclaimed kayak
competition during the Reno River Festival.
photos courtesy of Reno/Tahoe USA

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