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to bring more value to their customers. product? How does the HCP view learning to strategic pull-through. the value? How does the payer? is will require a reframing of the Creating customer value by selling Create di erent messaging for each current mindset from the “push” of beyond the product’s science requires stakeholder and train to an integrated approach that Customers’ demands are getting incorporates level-setting, a those messages. more sophisticated and the clinical comprehensive stakeholder view, • Set the bar high. Train sales and customized messages for each professionals to the level of message alone does not drive results their customers’ acumen. stakeholder. Setting the bar high information by the training is can be applied to both clinical will enable your sales professionals to departments to the “pull” of and market access segments of the achieve a level of business acumen that information by the eld forces. In training. Today’s practice their customers will value so that they order for eld forces to have this requirements are becoming complex can deliver the sales results that kind of empowerment, training as healthcare continues to evolve organizations expect. I departments must use available and physicians have less time for technology to equip sales forces with patients and sales representatives. information and resources in real Because of this, clinicians have even time. higher expectations of sales For more information, scan/capture the representatives.


• Finally, shi organizational emphasis from “just-in-time”

e healthcare market is rapidly changing, requiring today’s sales forces

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Steve Shuck is the director of training and development for S3-Strategic Selling Solutions. Email Steve at

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s NPs/PA verlook Don’t O Training in Sales
l rs of healthle Nolin Flewel ant provide I By Michel are also import Like NPs, PAs also U.S. utic oners (NPs) care in the multiple therape PAs to ts (PAs) re nurse practiti practice across all 50 states allow an assistan your rs and and physici in eir numbe categories, addressed medication. speci cally you might want prescribe than double an ? If not, of fod to more sales training strategy. e days : the Americ are expecte only, your next decade ts to rethink on physicians as the within the an Assistan cerl of Physici 0 cusing solely y, prescribers of medica Academy s 137,000-173,00 which primar or even no matter (AAPA) project year 2020. fall are over — by the products products ti ed PAs category your therapeutic Sales Your into. Training to Call



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Gregg Haunroth (608) 562–6569

difhow to ask professionals and provide your sales ns als of questio that Profession PAs ferent kinds of answers: ones Extenders: with PAs and Yes. Physician di erent kinds ng NPs and PAs on NPs numbers of NPs and hronism? ionals who for r of preAn Anac With the focus on providi they need to care I profess ation and the numbe tic tests speci c pa-By Stacey Hanke NPs are licensed and prescribe the inform set to grow, diagnos within their order tests, askin all 50 written and set to grow diagnose, may mean “whole” people scriptions ts and devices an and ions. is NPs and PAs your sales medical produc some or no physici tient populat regarding prevention any pharma ordered by training either ns by state). prothem, ceutical sales mean ask- fessiona varies states, with ing questio along with how to call on these proment. It may required (this ed in recent of your counseling fortable ls become far too What will oversight disease manage professionals at the top comenhance your rs have increas 180,000 in once they’ve ns about patient asking tionships should be eir numbe client relaing questio mean long-term relation been in a mistake in and fessionals to more than with nearly on. It may make the and ship with to a to tailor what’s and pro ts increase your knowle ), years, soaring ng carepracticing in and educati list. But don’t you can just roll NPs is dge important their industr a client or Pearson Report ranks every about providi and their something when you begin to ion. to to your client lead e the 2011 ( e y. questions patients. do thinking that every day training curricu sured populat ask thean accepted laziness is can NPs joining million patient current that your ability 9,000 new on physirural, underin your people tofocus and develop , lack of PAs to your to consiste will enhance are now 600 K= Know cate with ntly commu focus on calling ities in the know year. ere key is to teach questions. If they assumption, ment. We go under impact and lums that are similar annually. ns, — of What do your “I’ve been in uence. niHaving in of questio While there visits to NPs may be fewer PAs job for years, approach right kinds doing this cians. care clients know uence over you, your the right kinds answers they I know my the patient crucial in makWhile there the U.S. in 2011, acthe client about product, service the have a great how to ask products a pharma their roles, and PAs is unique, in is they and I pany? Make able to get relationship ceutica ionand comclients now close to 80,000 Pearson Report— clients and they will be useful information therefo with my taken by NPs h your sales profess buy you rather l sales role as e your client note of everything er re I’m a good as product or that cording to knows about Icator.” Just need to o service because than your ing the approac with them unique communiproducts and solutions. because you you, your is so erce. take competition have strong appropriate believe You als need to AAPA both convey your company. You have communication you h uct or service can have the best e AANP and Y to approac doesn’t guarant knowledge prodwell. skills in TOR mean cramm the holistic which doesn’t the most in-dept the world, along manCOVERS you this way. ee your clients perceiv with strongly stressPAs take to patient ion, h knowledge small timefra ing everything into informat industry, but e For more a in your that NPs and are creative, compas ture the points and me. Select the import this it becomeif you can’t commu scan/cap “PAs exclude inform ant strive to treat with your nicate agement: QR code know. oners who ation they doesn’t trust s irrelevant. If the one. client smartph sionate practiti ’” you they have options to person. to call many other meet their the ‘whole N= Need representatives Take ve minute expectations. Training sales requires that you teach What do your s before your PAs e at clients need conon NPs and in order to Email Michell to know versations take Partners. to conTraining them to take the action you want duct a s, with Informa m have? How in the timeframe you and solution strategy Spectru er training mismany times powerful 35 director, arranged s Rep e-cutt is senior ra conversation have you analysis The Sale than a cooki with an unde Sosbe e Nolin Flewell, CPLP, with a the starts at’s more er Michell I By Tim last for ve client to an, it all is, to say like and his/h minutes, m ewell@i try Allerg sentative ssionals. ose ces indus lex. And just sion: At yet when of profe of the repre eLEARN you he life scien and comp they represent, standing needs and sales ding on the type es have arrived ING least, varied and devicR 2012 | www.spb and servic cts SUMME vary depen ed. individual they have FOCUS | who sell acourse, the produ one als starting and servic is the pharm needs, of minute? profession that basic anies side exbeing sold comp so are the clients. From to be an product more traditional It’s temptin sciences required and the healthcare a and life meets the varied On the ssional s to try to cram g varied rep, a profe set of medication Simply put, point, pharmtraining that even more Part of your planned ceutical e sses. ular g the orand the the a partic product addre g must devis rstand ve minute pert at while servin their reps trainin to unde conneed states the needs of their clients, all rs. a versation disease n said, they have , but they don’t into ripalong needs of and shareholde going to be easy. ingto cation one minute a presc g Babb medi . um this was healthcare comis writin ganization and the You’ll feel dedoctor ever said disease continu good when a No one l, multi-specialty lexity, and has g a pill. ssionals about commu means to be there t is takin sales profe ledge, As a globa is used to comp that helps a patien device nicating all ding an know tion or ng plan advance. Allergan’s of clinical pany, Allerg understan ng traini state and your knowle However, to carry more ng disease needs an ongoi types excel dge ng traini and ted ing the signed that the but your client e sales als of all ct t to ongoi ers are expec to understand en the devic y of setprofession a commitmen not just produ Marty of learn ion will be confuse variet in addit e addresses. O rs, it’s lly ” said “ ere’s nt in a , I By Jaim and hesitan d continua t their caree and done, ng and . In short to be prese their devic t to e Dani ard. throughou their rst year sales traini a proexpected operating room FOCUS | elson and take the action SPRING skills reps are slide upw or for U.S. Medical. “It’s 2012 | www.spb ing the selling Peter you’rePisar nged n, direct an recomSo, how tings, includ Babbingto tions at Allerg keep them challe can sales mending. ri ing leade to ” and trainrs communica continue t their careers. will forces withosupport their graphic sales gram that ated throughou ut break locations. bank? ing the the more and motiv ey As a gener phasis on can put new al rule, ci c the 23hypothetical emand less tion, the an old-school the opposubject matter, spesoluvideo/telec the onference. bers to rtunity for audie greater succu Five Key Video/telec mb to attent nce memion dri onference Strategi s to Effectiv signed . should to e, be detherapeutisupport reps Teleconf c Video/ in a erences example, c area confrontin single e video competitiv g, tailing /teleconfer what one e count for that ence is er demigh channel. is creating edged sword t call the noise in their of learn doubleery. Done • Link ing delivto Core interactionright, these Skills In addit ion ate value s can engage cused, videoto being applic t the macr for an audie and creation-fo/telec wrong, be built nce. Done cal comp o level, pharm as they on a skills onferences shoul aceutianies most are, signers found d loss of paten , pressured motivate they can disen frequently and pricing by nize these facilitators ation. Deconstraints t protection must recog today’s an audience. To gage and deslowing opportunitengagements video/telec , are respo and drive result 17 sales growt built on nding to spending. skills via y to reinforce represent an h by reinin a strate onference must s, discussion gic core sellin foundation be g in unit and At the micro real-world g . Pharm level, busin training ceutical challe and analysis heads are forcem and ess and biotec aTo driv ent is not nges. If this rein-of watching development nology hshrink hard-wired e comp their budg like must desig anies into ets video/ results, tod those numbparty balloo ns losing ay’s learning the telecon gagements n these engrows for ers shrink, ference of these design the challe air. As g must be application to be both pbt.or to equip these leaders. nge video/telec | www.s representa G 2012 strategic built on a ey and skill exercises tively in ferences, onS | SPRIN tives to still need refres foundatio FOCU a mark sell e ecthe tives facing hers for sales etplace n temptation ned by frequently speci c repre the lenges. competitive sentacompetitio erceness of facilitator for deAnd if its these will be n. Reps chaldevelop participantand back to to regularly video/telec rms want to their strategy develop and repor relevant, competitive managers debate alike without sought-a onferences that about specit the linkages making tive traini attack are er, and combat to core with their s they say they c skills. speci c sure their ng solutions, theycost-e ec• Use reps need can’t selling video/telec an Expe must skills. rienc but classr application-base onferences en• Do Realese Strategic d traini video ed Facili : World budget oom delivery quire exper /teleconfer tator ng, Work e cardi isn’t and an eLearning in the while o have a deep ienced facilit ences reence learnnal sin of video en understand ators who allow reps less expensive,solution, dustry solely on ing design is /teleconferand, ing of the to the produ if not alread the comp to address all will not subject generic or theor focus iny etitive threa the variab matter. process ct, can rapidly versed in Such concey-based content les of t. inform absorb lacks the ptual ation about marketplac and sary to FOCU captivate immediacy neces S | SUMM the value e. eir acum it and its participatin audience ER 2012 members | www.s g from gagement.and relevance en ensures pbt.or di erent of the eng must have In addition, geofacilitators bust focus the dexterity to o er on applic ation while a ro, at

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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Focus Magazine - Fall 2012

Focus Magazine - Fall 2012
From the President: Career Development and YOUR Life
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Integrating Motivation with Training
What Aristotle Might Tell Today's Trainers
In Memoriam: SPBT Founder Sal Barilla
Depomed: Training, Technology & Transformation
The Changing Profile of the Successful Sales Rep
Next Generation Performance Support
Social Learning: How to Tap Its Potential
Selling Beyond the Clinical Message
Balanced Change: An M.G.R. / L.D.R. Approach
Integrating Compliance to Drive Confidence and Results
Moving High-Stakes Training Out of the Classroom
Virtual How: Compliance Training
Company News
People News
Ad Index
Focus Contacts
5 Questions with Karl Kapp
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - From the President: Career Development and YOUR Life
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Table of Contents
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Guest Editor: Integrating Motivation with Training
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - 12
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - What Aristotle Might Tell Today's Trainers
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - In Memoriam: SPBT Founder Sal Barilla
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Depomed: Training, Technology & Transformation
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - The Changing Profile of the Successful Sales Rep
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Next Generation Performance Support
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Social Learning: How to Tap Its Potential
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Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Selling Beyond the Clinical Message
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - 31
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - 32
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Balanced Change: An M.G.R. / L.D.R. Approach
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Integrating Compliance to Drive Confidence and Results
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Moving High-Stakes Training Out of the Classroom
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Virtual How: Compliance Training
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - 37
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Company News
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - People News
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Ad Index
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - Focus Contacts
Focus Magazine - Fall 2012 - 5 Questions with Karl Kapp
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