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The Recreator introduces you to 50 great activities that will keep you active, healthy and happy. These opportunities are sure to enrich your life. With the inaugural merger of the Recreator and Enrich, we have set out to highlight the many opportunities the Recreation Department has to offer you. We encourage you to build upon your physical, mental and emotional happiness. The Recreation Department presents 50 activities offered to individuals age 50+. We will also introduce you to five “recreators” who live positive lifestyles. We consider these individuals “models of happiness” and we are proud to call them “recreators.” We encourage you to find and participate in a new program that will challenge your mind, body and spirit. Happy recreating! 1. C.H.A.T. (Crafts Hobbies Arts Time) Page 23, 46 Participants meet on a weekly basis to present their arts and crafts projects to others in the group. Individuals are encouraged to share new ideas and techniques. 2. Fort Collins Senior Sports Club Page 46 Senior Sports Club is an active group of seniors over 50 who have a love for playing sports. Take advantage of this opportunity to interact with people who share your same interests. 3. Men’s Tennis Group Page 46 All male enthusiasts 30 and above are welcome to participate in an open walk-on each morning, seven days a week. Play begins about 8:00 AM and lasts until the final warriors are exhausted. 7. Moonlight Melody Dances Page 52 Social dance to live music. Refreshments served. Monday nights. 8. April Fools Day Trip Page 54 April Fools Day with no idea of where you are going. We only promise that you will be fed lunch. Nothing more will be revealed before that day. If you don’t want to have fun, don’t sign up. 9. Garrison Kellor Page 54 America’s foremost storyteller and best-selling author shot to fame with this popular radio show “A Prairie Home Companion.” See him live and experience his legendary stories. 10. Twinges-In-The-Hinges Page 69 People with arthritis can exercise! Certified instructors lead the class through gentle, no-impact movements. The warm water may help relieve pain and stiffness. 11. Deep H20 Page 69 Take an aggressive approach to fitness with a vigorous, no-impact workout held in the deep water. Excellent for people with back, hip and knee injuries. 12. Stretch & Tone Page 70 Designed to develop strength and flexibility in people who want to tone without an aerobic workout. The equipment provides different levels of difficulty. Sculpt your body without pounding your joints! 13. Fitness & Fun Page 70 This class combines the traditional water workout with water volleyball and other fun games. If you are looking for a break from the norm, this is the class for you. 14. Aqua Box Page 70 Punch and kick your way to fitness. Blast your muscles with this power trend in fitness. Mix kickboxing moves with aerobics for a fast, effective workout. 15. Simplicity Basket Page 23 This particular basket has a 8” diameter and is 13” high to the handle. This basket uses ¼“ flat oval reed to create clean classic lines. It has a wrapped handle to add a wonderful elegant touch. 16. Floral Centerpiece Design Page 24 Learn to arrange an elegant centerpiece for your table or coffee table. Container provided. Also you will learn how to make magic bows. 17. Stained Glass Stepping Stone Page 24 Decorate a fitted mosaic stepping stone for your garden or home. Explore stained glass without using copper or lead. Make a beautiful 11-inch glass covered stepping stone. 4. Eight Ball Tourney Page 52 Individuals from Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland Senior Centers will compete in an individual 8-ball competition. Prizes awarded to the top three winners, including a pool cue for 1 st place. 5. Bridge Mentoring Page 53 Mentoring instruction is based on Standard American Bridge. Nila Hobbs will help you with working through the play of the hands. 6. Sunday Out to Lunch Page 54 We won’t tell you where we are going but that’s half the fun. We will stop at an area restaurant and enjoy the afternoon.

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