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42. Jitterbug & East Coast Swing Page 31 Jitterbug is the single time form of swing and East Coast is the triple time. Jitterbug is done to faster music from the Big Band Era and East Coast Swing is done to slower music. 45. Adult Basketball Page 10 & 11 Get active on the hardcourt and shoot some hoops with your friends. The Northside Aztlan Center and the Senior Center welcome adult basketball players of all ages. 46. Adult Beginning Skate Page 77 These classes are for the person with little or no previous experience on ice. See Basic 1 & 2. 47. Senior Ice Skating Sessions at EPIC Page 76 This program takes place during regular recreational skate sessions for older adults interested in social skating. Regular fees apply. 41. Ballroom/Latin American Dance Page 30 This class will make you feel like you are dancing with the stars. The Fred and Ginger style of ballroom dancing will be covered. 43. Line Dance Page 32 This beginning line dance class will start with basic steps and then progress to easy-to-follow dances. Line dance is a fun way to exercise and make new friends. 44. Salsaerobics Page 32 Are you looking for a fun cardio exercise? This class will help you burn calories and improve your well being. Come and discover your body through the rhythms of salsa, merengue and cumbia. 48. Take it Outside Page 75 How do you translate gardening ambitions into actual yard space? Learn about bed preparation, seeding spring crops, transplanting starts, and early season crop protection. 49. Rock Garden Construction Page 75 Are you ready to take on the challenge of rock gardening? Get tons of advice on the necessary materials and equipment and construction guidelines. See photographic examples of rock gardens. 50. Hypertufa Troughs Page 75 Students will get down and dirty making their own hypertufa troughs. You’ll also learn the best miniature alpine plants for trough gardens and get a tour of the nursery where the class is held.

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