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SPORTS / YOUTH TEAM SPORTS Youth Team Sports Boys Basketball Sign up for teams based on practice location. The focus of this program is on team play where participation, fun, skills, and sportsmanship are stressed and winning is secondary. Teams are randomly formed in the sports office and not determined by when the player registers. Special requests are not guaranteed. A $15 reversible green and gold jersey required for 2-5th grad only. Middle School Teams receive a shirt at practice. Fee: $63 Note: Practice dates and times are determined by coach and will therefore vary, and may go as late as 8:30 PM. Two practices (sometimes one depending on availability of facilities) are scheduled per week. Practices will not be held during school holidays or closures. Most games are played on Saturday mornings. Coaches will call the week before the program with practice days and times. There may be multiple teams at each school. Boys (Begins week of 1/28) Grade: 2 & 3 Northside Aztlan Grade: 4 & 5 Bacon Bauder Beattie Bennett Bethke CLP Dunn Eyestone Harris Irish Johnson Kruse Laurel Linton Grade: 6 Blevins Boltz CLP Kinard Lesher Grade: 7 & 8 Blevins Boltz CLP Kinard Lesher 82 114915-01 114915-04 114915-07 114915-10 114915-13 WINTER 2012/2013 | FCGOV.COM/RECREATOR Flag Football: Learn the fundamentals of football with no tackling or blocking. 114912-01 114913-31 114913-01 114913-03 114913-05 114913-07 114913-09 114913-11 114913-13 114913-15 114913-17 114913-19 114913-21 114913-23 114913-25 114914-01 114914-03 114914-07 114914-10 114914-13 Youth Activity Lopez McGraw O’dea Olander Putnam Rice Riffenburgh Shepardson Tavelli Timnath Traut Werner Zach 114912-12 114913-27 114913-29 114913-33 114913-35 114913-37 114913-39 114913-41 114913-43 114913-45 114913-47 114913-49 114913-51 114913-53 1st & 2nd Grade Flag Football Our flag football program teaches the basic fundamentals of football with no tackling or blocking. The main emphasis will be equal participation with winning being secondary. Practices will be held twice a week with games on Saturday mornings. Fee: $60 (plus $15 jersey, if needed) League Start: Week of 3/25, 6 games & Rattlesnake Rumble Grade: 1-2 (2012-2013) Note: Players register by practice location. The week before practices begin,the coach will call you with the practice days and times. City Park Edora English Ranch Fossil Creek Greenbriar 214012-01 214012-03 214012-07 214012-11 214012-14 Harmony Spring Canyon Troutman Warren 214012-17 214012-21 214012-25 214012-29 Lincoln Preston Webber Wellington 114914-16 114914-19 114914-22 114914-25 Lincoln Preston Webber Wellington 114915-16 114915-19 114915-22 114915-25 Ultimate Football Introduce your kindergartner to the concepts of football by enrolling them in Ultimate Football where every player can be quarterback! Designed for the first time football experience. This non-contact football program emphasizes the basic fundamentals of throwing and catching while combining the rules of football and ultimate Frisbee.. League features one practice per week and games on Saturday mornings. Fee: $53 (plus $15 jersey, if needed) League Start: Week of 3/25, 6 games Grade: K-2 (2012-2013) Note: Participants register by practice location, not by school. You will be notified the week before the program for your practice day and time. City Park Spring Canyon Blevins Park 214011-01 214011-09 214011-12 STAY CONNECTED Edora Fossil Creek 214011-03 214011-06 http://www.FCGOV.COM/RECREATOR

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Recreator - Winter 2012/2013
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Recreator - Winter 2012/2013