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Aqua Fitness Aqua-Fitness Classes are for ages 18 years & up unless otherwise noted. Classes with fewer than 5 patrons registered by the end of the first day of class will be canceled for that session. Drop-in participants do not count in registration numbers. Patrons may attend only the class for which they are registered. There are no make-up classes for missed aqua fitness classes. If the class enrollment is not met, the class will be canceled and there will be no drop-in. Basic H2O Workout Get started in water exercise! This class is designed for people new to water exercise, recovering from an injury or with physical limitations. Range-of-motion, stretching and cardiovascular elements are emphasized. Location: Senior Center • 1 admission from a 10 admission drop-in fitness pass ($50) Drop-in participants do not count in registration numbers. Reduced rates do not apply. Aqua Personal Training See page 64 for details. M,W,F 6:15–7:15 pm $32 100412-01 1/6–1/31 M,W,F 6:15–7:15 PM $41 100412-02 2/3–2/28 Drop-In Participants may drop-in to aqua fitness classes if space is available using either: • $5.50/class visit 12/2–12/20 M,W,F 6:15–7:15 pm $41 100412-03 Twinges Plus This class takes range-of-motion exercises from Twinges and adds low impact cardiovascular work. Twinges Plus is excellent for people who have recently been diagnosed with arthritis or other joint-related conditions. Location: Senior Center 12/2–12/20 M,W,F 7:30–8:30 AM $32 100314-01 1/6–1/31 M,W,F 7:30–8:30 AM $41 100314-02 2/3– 2/28 M,W,F 7:30–8:30 AM $41 100314-03 12/2–12/20 M,W,F 9:30–10:30 AM $32 100314-04 1/6–1/31 M,W,F 9:30–10:30 AM $41 100314-05 2/3– 2/28 M,W,F 9:30–10:30 AM $41 100314-06 Stretch & Tone Designed to develop strength and flexibility in people who want to tone without an aerobic workout. The equipment provides different levels of difficulty. Sculpt your body without pounding your joints! Location: Senior Center 12/2–12/20 M,W,F 8:30–9:30 AM $32 100410-01 1/6–1/31 M,W,F 8:30–9:30 AM $41 100410-02 2/3– 2/28 M,W,F 8:30–9:30 AM $41 100410-03 24 100416-01 M,W,F 12:15–1:15 PM $41 100416-02 M,W,F 12:15–1:15 PM $41 100416-03 12/2–12/20 12/2–12/20 $32 2/3–2/28 Twinges in the Hinges People with arthritis can exercise! Certified instructors lead the class through gentle, no-impact movements. The warm water may help relieve pain and stiffness. The water’s buoyancy and resistance provides support and help to maintain joint flexibility. Location: Edora Pool Ice Center 12:15–1:15 PM 1/6–1/31 Low Intensity M,W,F M,W,F 1:30–2:30 PM $32 100416-04 1/6–1/31 M,W,F 1:30–2:30 PM $41 100416-05 2/3–2/28 M,W,F 1:30–2:30 PM $41 100416-06 MS Aqua – NW This class is designed for people with multiple sclerosis or other neuromuscular disorders. Trained staff give exercise modifications and assistance, and class members share a supportive social atmosphere. Exercises focus on maximizing or maintaining physical well-being, endurance, strength, and flexibility. Location: Mulberry Pool Note: To join or volunteer assist, contact Jenna Moriarty at or 970.224.6125. Fee is for a 16 visit punch pass. Class partially discountable. Class will not be held on 1/30. 1/7–3/13 Tu,Th 9:30–10:30 AM $43

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Recreator - Winter 2014
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Recreator - Winter 2014