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A peaceful place in Conyers BY LAUREN BIZZELL T Growers of Deep Plug Container Pine Seedlings, Kite, GA We offer A d v a n c e G e n e r a t i o n D e e p P l u g L o b l o l l y & S l a s h S e e d l i n g s from some of forest industries most elite families. N e w f o r 2 0 0 9 are low density longleaf. Grown at 20% less sowing density = up to 25% increase in root collar diameter = less time in the grass stage. Of Course, our main crop will always be D e e p P l u g Lo n g l e a f S e e d l i n g s . We offer genetically improved 1st and 1.5 Generation Longleaf along with native seedlings produced with seed from every state in the Longleaf belt. As always, our longleaf are grown in 6 ” Deep Plug Containers. Our seedlings are hand counted and graded twice to ensure that each customer receives the highest quality seedlings available. Tr y o u r D e e p P l u g S e e d l i n g s . We g u a r a n t e e y o u’ l l s m i l e w h e n y o u open the box Steve Meeks 877-809-1737 MEEKS’ Farms & Nursery, Inc. Linc: 18*14655 George Meeks 912-536-3844 ime off from work is precious, indeed. When I splurge and run away for a day, I go to Conyers. It’s not for the horse park, and not always to visit my parents (sorry, Mom and Dad). I go to a place I’ve known about for years, yet only recently have come to appreciate. The Monastery of the Holy Spirit sits quietly among the residential neighborhoods of Conyers. A drive along Highway 212 brings me past shopping centers, homes and trees. Signs guide the way. Newcomers may expect the signs to take them far from the familiarity of modern life. What a surprise when the church steeple rises to greet them. It’s like stepping back in time. They shouldn’t be fooled! Like me, they’ll feel a change upon crossing the threshold onto the contemplative grounds. One of my favorite parts of this trip is turning down the monastery’s drive. Though simply groomed, the trees that line the path greet me and take my worries away. Every inch gained on the church alleviates petty anxieties and fills me with peace and relaxation that are nothing short of profound. The place is silent, although I may hear the honking of geese that make the monastery lake their home. Visitors and monks alike stroll throughout the grounds, but I seldom notice them. On walking to the church itself, I often find myself thinking, “Thank you.” I suppose that the thought is directed toward God or, at the very least, the community of monks who created such a sanctuary near my home. I’m thankful for the luxury of GEORGIA MAGAZINE

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Georgia Magazine - October 2009
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Georgia Magazine - October 2009