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and Georgia products showcase small-business ingenuity BY JANE F. GARVEY Georgia produces and manufactures an incredible range of innovative items and tasty agricultural products. While Georgia is typically thought of as chiefly an agricultural state, it also offers much potential in manufactured goods. Below is a selection of products that seemed exciting, intriguing or unusual, and many that represent excellent values in this time of economic strife. Looking for the wild life? Imagine you’re an accomplished hunter, but one day you find you just can’t haul yourself up into a tree blind anymore. Maybe you’ve been injured, or arthritis has gotten the better of your climbing skills. Or perhaps you’re a photographer with the same limitations? Or maybe you’re just not into climbing? You need to know about the Tree Glider, by Wake Up Outdoors in Gainesville. Capable of lifting you 20 feet with no effort on your part other than to push a button, the Tree Glider can hoist you, your gear and your wheelchair, if need be, aloft along with your catch for field dressing. And it can be fitted with a heated seat, a fan, a gun rack, a light and a cell phone charger—all the comforts one could want. Ed Fickey and his son Wake invented the Tree Glider, which has patents pending, and say the reason for the company name is that Wake had a TV show called “Wake Up Outdoors.” A few years ago, Wake severely injured his knee. The following hunting season left father and son in a quandary: “How are we going to get you up a tree?” Engineers at Lanier Tech in Oakwood made suggestions and tweaked the lift. Prices begin at $2,195. For more information, call (866) 427-3822 or visit November 2009 Top: The Tree Glider can hoist aloft the hunter or photographer who finds climbing into a tree blind an onerous task. Above: Car Couture captures a luxurious feel in its carpet-style mats. New, Auto-luxury Northwest Georgia is famous for its carpet production, but most of that goes into homes and offices. Now, in Calhoun, you can acquire custom-designed carpeting for your automobile. G.G. Bailey does a line of luxury custom floor mats called Car Couture. These could come in an Oriental rug pattern or resemble animal markings. Partnering with Stark® Carpet, Car Couture produces floor and trunk mats in eight designs. Special backing keeps the mat in place, and high-tech manufacturing permits a two-business day turn-around. Another line of home mats is available for garages and porch areas. For more information, visit or call (866) 644-2245. (Continued on page 22)

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Georgia Magazine - November, 2009