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Finding America in Atlanta BY JOHN J. LESJACK Essay contest My favorite Georgia vacation Share your story and you could win $50! From the mountains to the coast, and everywhere in between, Georgia’s a great vacation destination! Share your remembrances and photos from your favorite Georgia vacation with GEORGIA Magazine readers, and you could win $50 if it appears in our June 2010 travel issue. In 200 words or less, explain where you went, what sights you saw, who you went with, and why this was your favorite Georgia vacation. Send your story, along with your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number and name of electric cooperative to: Favorite Georgia Vacation Contest, GEORGIA Magazine, P.O. Box 1707, Tucker, GA 30085-1707, or e-mail Deadline: April 15, 2010. Please include photos with your entry. Entries become the property of GEORGIA Magazine. Prizes will be awarded upon publication. Winners will be contacted prior to publication. 22 GDEcD DAWSON CVB yes fixed straight ahead, a troop of American soldiers marched through HartsfieldJackson Atlanta International Airport on their way to Fort Benning. It was spring 2006. Carol Lee and I sat and watched. The company guide crisply snapped, “Just back from Iraq! Company A!” Smiling travelers set down suitcases and packages to vigorously applaud, and their enthusiastic show of appreciation brought tears to our eyes. A Sunday calm followed their departure and seemed to signal a return to quiet until a second company marched into the rotunda. Step, step, step echoed through the building until we heard, “Company … halt!” Soldiers stood ramrod-straight until the company commander said, “Fall out.” Waiting families scrambled over to find their loved ones. Most male soldiers had young women to hug and kiss. Some had no one. Then we saw Grandpa, Grandma, the little blond girl and the “Mommy Soldier.” The girl, about 4, wore a big green bow in her hair. Mommy Soldier turned, smiled and opened her arms. The child stopped, put her feet together and tried to salute. “Come here, Precious,” Mommy Soldier called. The girl flew into her mother’s arms. Mommy Soldier kissed her and said, “I’m gonna miss you!” She held onto her daughter even as she hugged her parents goodbye. When word came that it was time to “fall in,” civilians backed away. Mommy Soldier’s tears flowed as she reluctantly handed the girl to Grandpa. The guide barked, “On their way to Iraq … Company B!” On the GEORGIA MAGAZINE

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Georgia Magazine - February 2010
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Georgia Magazine - February 2010