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CONTENTS February 2010 Vol. 66, No. 2 FROM THE EDITOR “Oh, Atlanta!” There’s not another “Oh, Atlanta!” There’s not city like it! Also known as “HOTcity like it! Also known as “HOT-’Lanta” ’Lanta” (and not just in this city is (and not just in August),August), this city is full of glittering events and full of glittering events and big-name big-name performances. performances. In metro Atlanta, with a comIn metro Atlanta, with bined statistical area of almost milbined statistical area of almost 55million lion residents surrounding counties, residents in 28 in 28 surrounding counties, there’s always action somethere’s always action somewhere. But where. But many downtown attracthere are so there are many downtown attractions, so you don’t need a tions, so you don’t need a special event special event a visit. the Georgia to visit. Spend to day atSpend a day at the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Aquarium and stroll throughstroll through Park, or plan a weekend or Olympic Centennial Olympic Park,and plan a World of and see the World see the weekend Coca-Cola, Under- of Coca-Cola, Underground Atlanta ground Atlanta and the Capitol. and the Capitol. is also a blend of history, Atlanta Atlanta is also a blend style—it’s cultural roots and Southern of history, cultural of the South! If history is the heartroots and Southern style—it’s the heart of the miss If National calling you, don’tSouth!thehistory is Mucalling Patriotism, the the National seum ofyou, don’t miss Atlanta History Museum of Patriotism, the Atlanta Center, the Martin Luther King Jr. home, History Center, the Martin Luther the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum King Margaret Mitchell House. or the Jr. home, the Jimmy Carter Library and MuseumMARTA Margaret And best of all, or the (MetroMitchell House. politan Atlanta Rapid Transit System) And best of all, MARTA (Metrocan take you to the major attractions— politan Atlanta Rapid Transit System) straight from the world’s busiest airport! can take you of Atlanta in our cover Discover moreto the major attractions—straight from the sure to story on page 12, and be world’s see busiest airport! Discover more destithe complete map listing all theof Atlanta in had room to print page nations we our cover story on on page 12, 16A.and be sure to go to our Web site——to On another front, Georgians are download and about complete our very concerned print a preserving map listing resources for future generanatural all the destinations we had room to print! tions. Created by Gov. Sonny Perdue, On another front, Georgians are Conserve Georgia is a successful new very concerned about preserving our program that recognizes achievements natural resources for energy, land, in the conservation offuture generations. Created the improvement of air wildlife, water, by Gov. Sonny Perdue, Conserve Georgia is a successful new quality and the promotion of recycling. program that the winners were in this Find out who recognizes achievements in the conservation of energy, land, first-year awards program in “Good wildlife, water, 17. stewards,” pagethe improvement of air quality and the promotion of recycling. Find out who the winners were in this first-year awards program in “Good stewards,” page 17. Enjoy, 5 VIEWPOINT “What’s it all about?” 6 MAILBOX 7 PICTURE THIS? Identify this Georgia site for a chance to win $25! 8 CALENDAR Happenings around the state 10 CURRENTS Safety promoted at Sunbelt; Donation for Boy Scouts; Fragile Kids Foundation; Before the REA; EMCs: Just the facts 22 MY GEORGIA Finding America in Atlanta 24 GEORGIA GARDENS An “orchid killer” becomes an expert 26 GEORGIA COOKS Must-visit dining spots in Atlanta 30 SNAPSHOT My cool truck ON THE COVER: ON THE COVER: Atlanta is a bustling city, sparkling in the bustling city, sparkling in evenings with exciting destinations and the evenings with exciting destinations unique restaurant experiences—the and unique restaurant experiences—the phoenix has risen! For “don’t-miss” has risen! For “don’t-miss” adventures, see “Oh, Atlanta!” on page adventures, see “Oh, Atlanta!” on page 12; visit for the accompanying map 12. for a map of these destinations. (Photo ©2010, of destinations on page 16A. (Photo Kevin C. Rose/ ©2010, Kevin C. Rose/atlantaphotos. com.) FEATURES 12 Oh, Atlanta! Where to go, what to do. By Kathleen Walls 17 Good stewards Conserve Georgia recognizes Georgians for helping preserve our natural resources. Web exclusive: Visit See page 2010 Web exclusive: the February 16A for digital edition at a bonus map of Atlanta’s must-visit for a bonus and pages 28A-28B destinations map of Atlanta's must-visit for destinations recipes from restaurants additional and additional recipes from restaurants featured in Georgia Cooks. featured in Georgia Cooks. JEFF MOORE / GREEN OLIVE MEDIA Celebrating the Georgia lifestyle GEMC ® ® Official Publication of Georgia Electric Membership Corporation Ann Orowski Editor

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Georgia Magazine - February 2010
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Georgia Magazine - February 2010