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Waiting for the rolling store BY JANET STAMPS GAY W hen we were growing up in the 1960s, my siblings and I spent weeks at a time at Grandma’s house in Toomsboro, a town where things never seemed to change. My uncle lived with our grandma and, after dinner, he would drive us into “town” to the store to get a snack since she didn’t drive. In Toomsboro, they didn’t have commercial stores—just stores that were in the owner’s name like “Jim Lawson’s” or “EB’s.” Grandma lived 10 miles from town and a quarter mile from the nearest neighbor. Our cousins would also stay with her. Days were not spent playing with toys or watching TV. Instead, we would get up early, and Grandma would fix us eggs, grits and the best homemade biscuits in the world, which we would sop in good old cane syrup. After eating a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast, we would walk to her pond a mile down a dirt road. Grandma’s dogs would follow. We’d throw rocks into the weeds along the way to make them bark and run after them, thinking it was some kind of animal. They never seemed to catch on. One of our fondest memories was when the “rolling store” came on Saturday mornings. The rolling store was an old bus that had been converted into a makeshift store. It had typical groceries like sugar, bread, eggs and, of course, candy! Quite often, there would be a whole GEORGIA MAGAZINE 38

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