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For more information, visit EDITOR Ann Orowski, CCC ManagIng EDITOR Jennifer Hewett, CCC assOcIaTE EDITOR Victoria Scharf DeCastro PRODucTIOn cOORDInaTOR Steve Jacobs assIsTanT EDITOR Kevin Braun assIsTanT EDITOR Jim Jess EDITORIaL InTERn Katie Conkle cOnTRIbuTIng WRITERs Sarah Bakhtiari, Tricia Despres, James Dulley, Deborah Geering, Jackie Kennedy, Rodney Phillips, Heather Teilhet, Bill Verner, Elizabeth Welsh, Renea Winchester, Kathy Witt cOnTRIbuTIng PhOTOgRaPhERs Janet Bobeng, Denise Huntley, Mary Hutcherson, Richard Lubrant, Patrick McComas, David H. Nash, Greg Newington, Jason Ponciroli, Kate Powers, Clint Tuthill, Renea Winchester aDvERTIsIng REPREsEnTaTIvEs A successful life starts with a Ferst book By Paul Wood President/CEO, Georgia Electric Membership Corporation I Laurel George, (404) 541-0628; Laine Kirby Wood, (770) 289-5700 National Country Market, (800) 626-1181 naTIOnaL aDvERTIsIng REPREsEnTaTIvE DEsIgnERs Trudie Thibodeaux, Kerstin Weis Mary Wellman, (770) 270-6981 subscRIPTIOns 2011 aDvIsORy bOaRD Erin Cook, Lynn Coulter, Romanous Dotson, Jeff Ferguson, Chuck Grace, Robert Herman, Jamie Hulsey, Jennie Lacey, Ophelia McCain, Ted McMillan, Lynn Price, Heather Telheit, Jere Thorne, Tony Tucker gEORgIa EMc OffIcERs chaIRMan Neal Talton, Flint Energies vIcE chaIRMan Alice Mallory, Coweta-Fayette EMC sEc.-TREasuRER Randy Crenshaw, Irwin EMC PREsIDEnT/cEO, gEMc A. Paul Wood GEORGIA Magazine (USPS-473120, ISSN 10615822) is published monthly by Georgia Electric Membership Corp., P.O. Box 1707, 2100 East Exchange Place, Tucker, GA 30085. Periodicals postage paid at Thomaston, GA, and additional mailing offices. POsTMasTER: Send address changes to GEORGIA Magazine, P.O. Box 1707, Tucker, GA 30085. Printed in Georgia by Quad/ Graphics. Acceptance of advertising by GEORGIA Magazine does not imply endorsement by the publisher or Georgia’s electric membership corporations of the product or services advertised. GEORGIA Magazine’s LIABILITY FOR ERRORS IN, OR OMISSIONS OF, ADVERTISEMENTS, WHETHER IN CONTRACT OR IN TORT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES TO THE ADVERTISER’S BUSINESS, SHALL IN NO EVENT EXCEED THE AMOUNT OF CHARGES FOR THE ADVERTISEMENT THAT WAS OMITTED OR IN WHICH THE ERROR OCCURRED. was waiting for a flight, minding my own business, when a mother and her preschool son sat down next to me. She handed him a video game and told him not to bother her while she made phone calls. In the 45 minutes they sat there, they never exchanged a single word. When her flight was announced, she grabbed his hand, like he was a piece of luggage, and walked briskly to the gate. Forty-five minutes to kill, and the mother never considered opening a book and reading to her son. I thought, “She missed a wonderful opportunity to do something meaningful for that boy.” When I heard about the Ferst Foundation’s effort to put a book in the hands of every child under the age of 5 in Georgia, I jumped at the chance to participate. So did other chief executive officers (CEOs) of electric cooperatives. In participating counties, the Madison-based Ferst Foundation is sending a new book each month to a registered child until age 5. Parents don’t pay anything for the books. They only have to register their child. The Ferst Foundation wants to make sure every child entering elementary school is reading at grade level and is equipped to keep up with reading on level as they progress. Georgia Electric Membership Corp. is proud to participate in the Ferst Foundation initiative to promote childhood literacy. This month, I have the honor of participating in the program’s CEO Battle for the Favorite Reader. Along with other participating CEOs, I was videotaped as I read to a group of More online at children. From Jan. 13 to Feb. 7, the videos will be posted on the Ferst Foundation website. You are encouraged to go to the site, watch the short videos and vote for your “favorite reader.” Of course, I hope you will vote for your old friend at Georgia EMC. To watch the video and vote, go to www.ferstfounda and click on the CEO Battle link. Your first vote is free; each additional vote requires a $3 donation to purchase a book for a Georgia child. Most of us were fortunate to have someone who cared enough in our early years to introduce us to the joys of reading and the doors it can open. Nothing will ever take the place of a parent or grandparent picking up a book, sitting next to a small child and announcing, “Let’s read a story.” I can still hear my children hollering out as my father finished reading a story to them, “Read it again, Granddad!” If you try it, you’ll be hooked. If you’re like me, you’ll find that you get as much out of it as the child— maybe more. I hear parents say, “Let the schools take care of teaching my child to read.” I always try to point out that the experts in child development tell us the first three years of a child’s life are the most important in terms of developing their capacity to learn. It’s during those first three years that a child’s brain grows to 90 percent of its eventual adult weight. Parents, you can’t afford to wait for a teacher to take over. And please store those video players when it’s time for your child to go to bed. 5 January 2011

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