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Pictureperfect pets! BY JENNIFER J. HEWETT DIANA CARLSON Y Honorable Mention: Diana Carlson, Marietta Photogenic Cooper “the Mountain Lion” stares intently at the camera. Mariettan Diana Carlson (Cobb EMC), shared this photo of her 3-year-old American shorthair cat. “Cooper is really my dog Maddie’s pet. I decided to get her a companion, and they are the best of friends. Cooper loves me, but he adores Maddie.” Perfect Pets Jodi Adams, Acworth Cuddly little Scout, the Embden goose, belongs to Jodi Adams, of Acworth (Cobb EMC). “We got Scout in Blue Ridge at a feed store. I had been looking for a gosling to be a friend to our other goose and fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. When Scout was little he would honk until someone picked him up. He would fall asleep in your lap or cuddle with our boxer. He is also a great ‘watchdog!’ We were glad the cable guy had a good sense of humor when he was chased out of our yard!” 16 JULIE CIVITTS JODI ADAMS Perfect Pets Honorable Mention: ou may have heard the saying, “A house is not a home without a pet.” Apparently, GEORGIA Magazine readers agree! This spring and summer we received a flurry of more than 1,000 fantastic photographs of readers’ furry, finned and feathered companions in our four contest categories: Perfect Pets; Unusual Pets; People and Pet Look-alikes; and Kids and Pets. Whether they had paws or hooves, beaks or shells, one thing was clear—our readers’ pets are well loved by their owners. This month, we present the winning photos in each contest category, along with several honorable mentions we just couldn’t resist—all chosen by our pet photo contest judges: professional photographers Brian Rickmond, Parker Smith and Phillip Vullo. (For more on the judges, see page 20). Perfect Pets ★ Winner: Julie Civitts, Toccoa Candy, the sheltie belonging to Julie Civitts of Toccoa (Hart EMC), captured the hearts of our judges and staff. “This pup has the perfect pose and expression,” says contest judge Brian Rickmond. “Candy was a loyal little dog and loved to chase!” says Civitts. “If we saw a squirrel on the birdfeeder, we would quietly say ‘squirrel,’ and she would chase that squirrel all the way to the woods! She got mighty close a few times!” GEORGIA MAGAZINE More online at

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