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Another kind of Yankee By Bryan richardson Bring Georgia home! The good eorgiama www.g 2 912.indd Cover_SW__0 M mountains and crossing y first visit to Georthe Appalachian Trail. gia was as a UnitI was going through ed States Military one of the most physiAcademy cadet attendcally demanding parts ing the Army Airborne of Army training. Yet School at Fort Benning while in total misery, in July 1979. I saw a I noted how beautispectacular sight of ful the Georgia mouncrape myrtles in full tains were and vowed I bloom and Spanish would return someday moss-draped pine and to enjoy them from a oak trees along Lumpdifferent perspective. A week after kin Road into Fort Benning. Two years later as a new sec- Ranger School in February 1982, I ond lieutenant, I arrived again at Fort married Kathy. We returned to Fort Benning Benning to attend the Infantry Officer Basic Course. During this stay, I for my Infantry Officer Advance discovered some basic Southern de- Course and a follow-on assignment lights generally taken for granted by natives. While dining out in the Columbus area, I ate at a Bonanza restaurant. To my surprise, they offered free ice tea refills and a salad bar. I had never been offered free refills or seen a salad bar in a restaurant before. And it was all you can eat! Lastly, while frequenting the old Al Whos Place, I discovered another Southern delight, my future wife, Kathy, a Columbus local. I graduated from the Officer Basic Course and then attended the Army Ranger School. A portion of our training was in the Dahlonega area. During January 1982, the weather was unusually cold. There was a foot and a half of Bryan and Kathy Richardson, in their usual work attire, stand snow on the ground. I alongside their Southern plantation-looking house named remember being in the Concord Manor. More online at GEORGIA MAGAZINE East, Garden Victory mmunity nton Co seed: Ca a legacy thers Building n helps o o Ross Mas page 26 .org gazine page 58 September rs lead Voluntee the way page 18 ation uc Higher ed ia in Georg page 35 9/11/12 2:30 PM 2012 ORDER FORM 30 Mail subscription request to GEORGIA Magazine Subscription Request, P.O. Box 1707, Tucker, GA 30085-1707 County County City State ZIP City State ZIP Address Name Please send a subscription to: I am enclosing a check or money order for (check one) Please notify the recipient of gift $9.95 for one year $15.95 for two years Subscribe online at or mail the form below. Address Name Gift subscription is from: Bill me

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Georgia Magazine - October 2012
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Georgia Magazine - October 2012