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Lighten up! Tackling obesity in Georgia BY CAROLYN CRIST MONKEYBUSINESS IMAGES / PHOTOSPIN A CAROLYN CRIST Juanita North, right, and Susan Weirauch attend a UGA Workplace Health Group meeting. Here, North describes her struggles with her planned physical activity and nutrition program and pledges to keep tracking portion control, counting fat grams and walking or working in her garden each day. 32 thens resident Juanita North saw the pounds drop when she began watching portion sizes and fat grams in her meals. North says her success came from writing down the numbers. “You must be aware of everything you eat. You may think you’re on track, but you’re not,” North says. “When you write down everything, it makes you think. Then you start realizing what you’re not doing to help yourself.” North and colleagues in the parking services department at the University of Georgia in Athens participated in a pilot study by UGA’s Workplace Health Group aimed at health and weight management in the workplace. North, who manages the department’s front desk, joined nine other UGA employees on Thursday mornings last fall to set goals and talk about their struggles with eating and exercise. At the end of the six-month program, most of the group lost a few pounds. Now, as they work through the “maintenance” portion of the program, they’re trying to keep it off. “I encouraged my co-workers to go to the meetings so we could all get ideas about healthy eating and exercise,” North says. “We all need to lose weight and say we will, but we never do. There were a lot of excuses, but by the end, everyone was on board and looking forward to each week.” The pilot group followed the Fuel Your Life program, a worksite adaptation of the national Diabetes Prevention Program created by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., and the More online at GEORGIA MAGAZINE

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