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Here’s the scoop! Ice cream for all flavors BY JANE F GARVEY . MERRITT MELANCON Nicki Schroeder, of High Road Craft Ice Cream in Atlanta, scoops a serving of ice cream for the judges at the 2012 Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest. 34 he bequeathed to his grandson. After making some improvements, Procopio left for Paris and opened in 1686 what is said to be the oldest extant café in Paris: House-made pistachio gelato is one of the favorite featured flaCafé Le Procope. Café Le Procope vors on the dessert menu at Marco Ristorante Italiano in Macon. became a meeting See this month’s bonus Web-exclusive content for this recipe place for the intel- and many others, beginning on page 34A, at www.georgiamaga ligentsia of Paris, in- cluding Voltaire. And very likely Benjamin Franklin and chef/owner of Graft, has gotten atThomas Jefferson, both of whom tention for her “from-scratch” farmwere posted as ambassadors to Paris. to-table cooking, which includes Ice cream may have come to house-made ice creams. Charles Barrett, pastry chef at America with early European settlers, and what may have been the first ice Park 75 in the Four Seasons Hotel Atcream parlor opened in New York lanta, uses the restaurant’s ice creamin 1790. Jefferson certainly brought making gear to turn out delicious the concept home when he returned fruit sorbets such as his strawberrythe previous year from his diplomat- rhubarb sorbet. As restaurants have turned to ic work in France. It was Jefferson who first served ice cream at the from-scratch ice creams for their desserts, consumers have begun to White House. One of the hallmarks of fine desire fine ice creams in the retail dining today in restaurants is house- market. Founded in 1952, Chammade ice cream. And many, like Ma- blee’s Greenwood Ice Cream Co. con’s Marco Ristorante Italiano, offer has been doing custom flavors for house-made gelato, which has less years, and has a retail store at its fat and doesn’t have air whipped into facility. But newcomers are bursting on if from the churning process as ice the scene. Atlanta-based High Road cream does. Modern pastry chefs field a vir- Artisanal Ice Cream came along just tual portfolio of ice creams. Megan two years ago. Its chef/owner, Keith Brent, pastry chef at Sprig Restaurant Schroeder, has taken ice cream by & Bar in Decatur, makes a wide va- storm, producing a wide variety of riety of inventive ice creams. Among flavors from a fantastic fleur de sel vathem is a fabulous rum raisin made nilla to a crunchy wild “Caffeine & Cawith Georgia’s Richland Rum. It cao.” In Griffin, the after-school treat would be hard to choose between kids crave is High Road ice cream at that one and the lemon sorbet, with Laynie-Bug’s Sweets and Treats. Many of the flavors it offers are made espeits tart refreshing taste. In Grayson, Ashley Clemence, cially for this store. MARCO RISTORANTE ITALIANO W ho doesn’t have fond memories when it comes to ice cream? Who hasn’t lived in Georgia long enough to have had homemade peach ice cream? Or to remember hot summers relieved only by the scintillatingly refreshing delight of an ice cream cone? Unlike today, iced treats (like ice cream, sorbets, sherbets and gelati) weren’t always available to the common man. Upper-crust folk have savored chilled, iced or frozen desserts since early civilizations, when the wealthy would order snow brought down from the mountains and flavor it with fruit juices. But the peasant class knew where the snows were and how to get at them. In Sicily, Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli (1651-1722) grew up in a fishing family, but his grandfather invented an ice cream machine that More online at GEORGIA MAGAZINE

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