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CONTENTS February 2014 Vol. 70, No. 2 FROM THE EDITOR D E PA R T M E N T S 5 VIEWPOINT "Yes, we have bananas" 6 GEORGIA NEWS 7 LIBERTY NOTES 8 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 12 CURRENTS Operation Round Up awards; Metals theft training for law enforcement; Georgia EMC supports Georgia agribusiness; Wood elected Georgia Foundation board chairman; Cutler inducted into AGHON 14 MY GEORGIA Store schooling 26 SNAPSHOT I made it myself 16 ON T H E C O V ER : STEPHEN HAMILTON From left, Joey Stowe and Deidre Shellenberger join Destiny Alpacas' founders Cathi and Larry Dietsch with Crockett, one of their charges (that's also owned in part by Anne Stone), at the alpaca farm in Young Harris. (Photo by Parker Smith Photography.) F E AT U R E S 16 22 For fun and fiber 22 Raising alpacas in North Georgia. By Jane F. Garvey Rediscovering wellness Art Smith finds "Healthy Comfort" in his new cookbook. By Jane F. Garvey web exclusive The "g" means more is online! web exclusive Click on the February 2014 cover, online at What a wondrous business it must be to raise alpacas! These camelids don't need a lot of acreage, they're soft and fuzzy and (mostly) good with people. Alpacas are the focus of many "hobby farms," and today almost 200,000 are raised in the U.S. Their fleece, one of their desirable offerings, can be spun into a fiber to make woven pieces such as hats, mittens and scarves. Besides spinning off a business producing fiber and selling skeins and handmade garments, the folks at Destiny Alpacas in Young Harris get to love, feed and care for these most unusual farm animals. The farm's original owners, Larry and Cathi Dietsch, started the business in 2000. "Cathi fell in love with the alpacas," says Larry, by way of explaining their venture, "and I fell in love with the investment." They have alpacas for sale at prices ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. But just last fall, the Dietsches decided to retire from alpaca farming and sold the farm to another couple, Joey Stowe and Deidre Shellenberger, of Atlanta, who now have the opportunity to learn directly from the experienced prior owners. It's a good thing too, says Joey, "since I never even owned a dog!" But he and wife Deidre are already getting broken in-their first "cria" was born around Thanksgiving. For more on raising alpacas, see "For fun and fiber," page 16. Enjoy! Ann Orowski Editor, for this month's bonus content: 24A - Second helping: More healthy recipes 26A - More Snapshot photos 26B - Plant of the month 26C - February's online trivia contest 26D - Georgia Grown spotlight 4 More online at GEORGIA MAGAZINE

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